Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sister's Day in the Mission Home

On November 28, 2012 we had a "Sister's Day" in the Mission Home.  The sisters from all across the mission came to the home for a day of Christmas Spirit and Service.  They helped me decorate the Mission Home for Christmas and they decorated 100 gift bags for all the missionaries for our Christmas Zone Conference.  We also made cookies for our gift bags.  We laughed, shared stories, laughed, helped one another with our tasks, laughed, decorated, and laughed some more!  The four sister that would be leaving in a week, (Sister Moses, Sister Gardner, Sister Larsen, Sister Herring) were so grateful for one last day with all the sisters.  It was a great time to spend together and it help all of us get in the Christmas Spirit.

Sister Omozokpia, Sister Pankratz (way in the back), Sister Schwab, 
and Sister Moses

 Sister Omozokpia and Sister Pankratz

 There are their beautiful smiles.

 Sister Moses and Sister Palenikova

 Sister Stout, Sister Rigdon, Sister Gardner

 Sister Gardner and Sister Herring

 Sister Larsen

 Sister Townsend putting lights on the tree.
 Sister Nielsen and Sister Jones

 Sister Hinchcliff trying to figure out which light is the problem---that is as traditional at Christmas time as singing Christmas songs!

 The we enjoyed Christmas Caroling out of the Lofzang boek. 
Sister Stout, Sister Omozokpia and Sister Moses at the piano, Sister Herring, President Robinson, Sister Gardner

 In back, Sister Schwab, Sister Jones, Sister Townsend
Sitting, Sister Larsen, Sister Rigdon, Sister Gallego

President enjoyed singing with the sisters.

 Sister Davies, Sister Hinchcliff and Sister Townsend

This was my favorite time of the whole day.

 I wish you could have heard how beautiful the singing was in Dutch!

 We all could have sung on and on.

But we had to end and get everyone on their way back home.
Out last song was memorable.  

Thank you Sisters for a wonderful day.  I loved being with you.  You bring a special spirit with you and for one day, that special Missionary/Christmas Spirit was in the Mission Home.  Thank you for your love and service.  I shared with these Sisters how much I love them.  It was so nice for the laughter, noise, and hubbub in my life for a day.  That is the way all my days were before the mission with school children or my family.  I equate holidays with noise, projects, laughter and music.  This did my soul great good!

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