Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Senior Couples Council

On December 12, 2012, we held the Senior Couples Council in the Mission Home.  So much of the work here in the mission is done my our wonderful and faithful Senior Couples.  I would like to call them 'the glue' that holds everything together and keeps the wheels on the bus of the mission.  Thank you seems so inadequate, but thank you Senior Couples for never ending energy and strength of testimony.  None of us Seniors know how we keep going, but everyday we get up and do it all over again--just trying to keep up with the rest of the missionaries! :)

 Brother Scheltinga, from the Den Haag Stake, has been called to work with the Senior Couples that serve in the Single Young Adults Centers or Institute Centers of the mission.  He will coordinate with the four Stakes, the Stake leaders and Mission Senior Couples and oversee the program for President Robinson.  We were privileged to have him join us and share with us the new guidelines from the Handbook on how our JoVo Centers will change and look as we move forward.

Dinner is always great with the Senior Couples--the best cooks in the Mission.

 Elder and Sister Everton (in the doorway of the kitchen) share their parting testimony with us as they return home December 30, 2012.  We will miss you.  Thank you for your outstanding support to the mission.

 Elder Everton, Sister Everton, Elder Lyons, Sister Lyons, Elder Seiter, Sister Seiter, Sister DeLeeuw, Sister Pankratz, Elder Deleeuw, Elder Prankratz, Elder Kruizinga, Sister Kruizinga, Sister Spek, Elder Spek, Sister Anjewierden, Elder Anjewierden, Sister Woodhouse, Elder Woodhouse and President Robinson seated in front.

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