Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zone Conference for Rotterdam and Antwerpen Zones

Rotterdam and Antwerpen Zones met on March 15, 2013 at Antwerpen Chapel for Zone Conference.  It was wonderful to met with everyone again.  We love Zone Conferences--they always bring renewed friendships, energy, and enthusiasm.  The best thing about conference is feeling the Spirit.

The following pictures are an overload.  I gave my iPad to Sister Schwab and asked her to get some pictures.  Well....., she did the job!

Elder Li and Elder Van Rij had a friendly competition between the Zones on how well they knew the lesson in Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel.  Elder Li would give a clue phrase or sentence, the missionary that knew the answer would grab the marker, repeat the sentence and then quote the sentence that came next.  The Zones had a great time!

 Sister Israelsen and Elder Armstrong

 Competition runs deep on both sides!

Sister Israelsen knew her lesson!

 We felt save just enjoying the competition!

 Zone members supporting each other!

 Some enjoyed, some worried they might get called on!

 When you're not up front, of course you can quote the next sentence!

Elder Huff and Elder Mathis

 Elder Muse and Elder Ombach

 Elder Ombach won that round!

 Everyone waits to see who gets called for the next round!

 Sister Stout and Sister Hinchcliff

 Sister Stout didn't miss a word. 

 She was good--just kept going!

 Elder Taylor and Elder Christensen

 Tie grab!

 Round One tie barker--no one wins.

 Make it a little harder--still no one wins!

 Hardest!  Quote every other word correctly until someone misses!

 These two are champs--never broke the tie--Points to both Zones!

 Elder Bickham and Elder Shoemaker

 Elder Bickham was good, but.....

 Elder Shoemaker has a great comeback!

 Elder Van Overbeek and Elder Huff

 Tie again!

 Back to tie breakers.

Both won a point for their Zones.

Elder Hyer and Elder Rosendaal

 Points to Rotterdam Zone.

 Sister Juchau and President Robinson--That was close,
 but the Sister Missionary got it!

 President asked for another round!

 Sister Juchau gladly accepted!

 So President got serious!

 He missed the opportunity again!

 Yes, Sister Juchau knows her stuff--she studied with Sister Stout!

 Opps!  Stuck!

 One more round and Sister Juchau still dominates. 

 Point for Antwerpen Zone--goed gedaan Sister Juchau.

 Antwerpen Zone wins today.

 Elder Cooper, Elder Sanderson, Elder Kemp

 Elder Christensen, Elder Lyons, Elder Pimentel

 Elder Davis, Elder Harry Van de Sanda, Elder Nish, Elder Sosa

 Elder Sanderson, Elder Kunz, Elder Hyer

 Sister Stout, Elder Shoemaker, Sister Hinchcliff

 Elder Armstrong, Elder Huff, Elder Mathis, Elder Hansen

 Elder and Sister Pankratz--Leaving for home on March 28, 2013
We love you and will miss you dearly!

Elder Alfaro and Elder Bickham

Elder Pitts, Sister Israelsen, Elder Ombach
Elder Ombach was not smiling, 
so I ask him to smile while I took another picture.

 Elder Pitts, Sister Isrealsen and Smiling Elder Ombach!  
We love you!

 Elder Burton, Elder Gomez, Elder Ipson, Elder Lind
The Sign that Elder Burton is holding is "10".  Elder Burton feels that these three Elders are all "10's" and we agree!

 Elder Lind, Sister Juchua, Elder Muse

 Elder Muse, Elder Taylor, Elder McDaniel

 Elder Pimentel and Elder Burgess

 Sister Woodhouse and Sister Kruizinga

 President and the AP's, Elder Li and Elder Van Rij

 Sister Gallego and Sister Schwab

 Sister Robinson, President, and AP's

Birthdays for Sister Juchau and Elder Cooper

 Ground rules shared, ready, set, go....

 For one minute, all the great things we know about Sister Juchau.

 For one minute, all the great things we know about Elder Cooper.

 Our Dutch Birthday Song!

 Elder Van Overbeek's last time to lead us in our Song!

 Role Play how to be real and personable 
when you first teach a family in their home.
1.  Find three things they are interested in--photos, 
wall hangings, decor in home.
2. Find one thing in the home about their family.
3.  Find one thing you have in common with them.
4.  Try to get them to relax and laugh.

 It must have worked, Sister Robinson could not contain her laughter.

The missionaries always do a great job with role play.

The Sister missionaries have a way a making everything fun.  Good Job!

The missionaries were also challenged to prepare for our next Zone Training in April, our Temple Conference.  They were encouraged to study D&C 109, the dedicatory Prayer for the Kirtland Temple, and bring a question or concern with them to the temple. There we can all be spiritually edified.

Thank you for a wonderfully fun and spiritual day.  
Wij houden van jullie, allemaal. 

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