Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Elders from the MTC

On February 19, 2013 we received five new Elders from the MTC.  What a treat it was to meet them and get to know faces with names.  We have been praying for these Elders since they received their calls.  Now, finally, they are here!  President and I were impressed with their energy and enthusiasm.  The Dutch is great and they can just jump right in testifying in their teaching appointments.  

 President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Wiscombe, Elder Giles, Elder Kemp, Elder Cooper and Elder Bishop


Back at the Mission Office where the missionary financial issues and procedures were discussed with Elder Andrews, the Financial Elder in the office.

 We always feel a little sorry for them, they are now going on almost 22 hours without 'real' sleep.

After the financial and legal issues are done, off to lunch at Oude Leiden.

Elder Kemp, Elder Giles, and Elder Bishop

President Robinson, Elder Andrews, Elder Moscon and Elder Wiscombe

Too busy picking out the kind of Pannenkoeken that looks the

Elder Kemp, Elder Giles, Elder Bishop and Elder Van Rij

The instructions on how to eat and enjoy a pannenkoek!
Eet smakelijk!

Elder Kemp, Elder Giles, Elder Bishop, Elder Van Rij, President, Sister Pankratz, (way in the back) Elder Andrews, Elder Moscon, Elder Wiscombe, and Elder Cooper

 Elder Cooper is not wasting any time!  

 Nor is Elder Van Rij and President!

 Back at the office to wait for the appointment to check into the country and become "legal".  

 Afternoon, great meal, no sleep for 23 hours.  The first day is always a hard day to get to the end.  Off to the mission home for a nap!

After a nap and dinner at the Mission Home, we had our first testimony meeting and they each opened their First Area Letters telling them where they would serve and who their trainer would be for the next transfer.

 A nap and another meal does wonders for the soul!

 President sharing some casual bits of wit and wisdom with everyone.

 They are all ready to find out where in the Mission they are headed!

 Elder Kemp is headed to Spijkenisse, Netherlands

His trainer will be Elder Christensen.

Elder Cooper is going to Vlissingen, Netherlands 

We had to stop in the middle of everything and go for the map.  Everyone was interested in knowing where everyone was going to be located in the country.

Elder Cooper will be trained by Elder Mathis

Elder Wiscombe is going to Arnhem, Netherlands and will be trained by 
Elder Douglas

Elder Giles is going to Den Helder, Netherlands. This city has just been opened up again for Missionary work.  This branch as been without their own missionaries for years.  Den Helder Branch is so happy to have missionaries and they are lucky to get Elder Giles.

Elder Giles will be trained by Elder Schulte, who is leaving as our AP and going back into the field to train and open Den Helder.

Elder Bishop will be serving in Hengelo, Netherlands and will be trained by 
Elder Harvey.

The next morning we walked down to the Windmill by the Mission Home.  
Their first full day in the field.

Elder Bishop

Elder Kemp

Elder Wiscombe

Elder Cooper

Elder Giles

President and Sister Robinson, Elder Bishop, Elder Cooper, Elder Giles, 
Elder Kemp, Elder Wiscombe 

Back to the Mission Office to met their Trainers and be trained by President

Looking over the training materials.

The training for the new missionaries will be a 12 week training.

Elder Harvey and Elder Schulte are both training our new missionaries.

Last picture before President starts the training.

 Elder Mathis and Elder Cooper

Elder Bishop and Elder Harvey

Elder Douglas and Elder Wiscombe

Elder Giles and Elder Schulte

Elder Kemp and Elder Christensen left due to appointment and scheduling. 

Welcome to the Mission and thank you for your enthusiasm, testimonies, fantastic attitudes, and for your love of the Lord and the gospel.  
You will be great! 


  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures. We became attached to all these elders through Elder Cooper's letters home while at the MTC. This blog has brought me so much peace. Thank you for your time and diligence in all you do.

  2. We appreciate that you take time out of your very busy schedule to keep a blog for the mission. Our family has enjoyed reading through it. We were especially excited to see Elder Bishop and the other new missionaries had arrived happy and well....thanks again
    Sister Jana Bishop