Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interim Mission President's Seminar

Early spring the thirty Mission Presidents serving in Western Europe attend the Interim Mission Presidents Seminar in Frankfurt, Germany.  
February 27-March 1, 2013 we had the opportunity to be trained by the European Area Presidency, President Jose A. Teixeira, Elder Patrick Kearon and Elder Kent F. Richards of the Quorum of the Seventy. 
Elder and Sister Jeffery R. Holland were also at the seminar.  What a 
'geestelijk ervaring' to be trained and taught by 
these great men and an Apostle of the Lord.  

The wives had an opportunity to have a breakout session with Sister Holland.  When it was over I had the same overwhelming feeling of love and appreciation for all the blessings that President and I are blessed with because of this calling.  I have said this before--
'these are days never to be forgotten' 

It was so enjoyable to meet with friends that are serving in the other missions all over the Western European Area.  We reach from Greece to Norway, from Poland to Cape Verde Islands off Africa.  Italy, Spain, England, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia, and all points in between.  These are wonderful people.  President and I felt so honored to spend Thursday evening in the Frankfurt Temple with these eternal friends.

Sister Robinson on the way into the Temple
(President apologized for the blurry picture)

 Afterward, outside the temple

 I stood there while President took this picture thinking--"I never ever dreamed I would someday have the opportunity to attend this temple."  
I am so overwhelmed at times with all the opportunities, experiences and blessings that are given to us through this calling.  It is such a privilege and a sacred opportunity and we wouldn't miss this for anything. 

Elder Holland was at a Stake Conference in Apledoorn the Sunday prior to this Interim Seminar.  He spoke very powerfully to the Saints in the Apledoorn Stake.  One of the many things he said that made an impression on my heart was this--"When we are baptized and become members of the church, we get more than we ever know.  That's what comes 
through the gospel of Jesus Christ." 
I agree.  We have no idea the blessings and opportunities and experiences the Lord has in store for each of us when we are baptized.  This I do know, it is beyond our greatest hopes and desires.  I have always believed the words Ezra Taft Benson said years ago--'the Lord can make more out of us that we can make out of ourselves'.  We must do our best to live worthy lives, keep His commandments, and love our neighbors as ourselves.  When we are off course, we need to get back in the path.  That's why the Atonement is a beautiful thing.  I feel blessed.

Outside the hotel as we are leaving Germany.

To the airport for the flight back.  

We were rather sad to leave the 'spiritual bubble' we had been in for three days, but we were missing the missionaries and were looking forward to getting back to work.   We are recharged and have oh so very much to share with the missionaries.  

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