Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goodbye to Elder Van de Graaff

Elder Van de Graaff extended his mission two weeks so he could attend the temple with Henry.  Elder Van de Graaff taught Henry and a year ago Henry was baptized.  Henry had the goal to go to the temple one year after his baptism and we were so happy that Elder Van de Graaff was able to go with him.  So, Tuesday evening, March 5, 2013, President and I accompanied Elder Van de Graaff to the Den Haag Temple in Zoetermeer.  It was great to share in this experience with Henry, Elder Van de Graaff, and Henry's friends.  What a way to end your Mission Elder Van de Graaff!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013, we took him to the airport.  His flight was delayed for three hours.

 Elder Li, Elder Van Rij, President, Elder Van de Graaff, Sister Robinson

President, Elder Van de Graaff, Sister Robinson

This is almost---ALMOST--like the Three Musketeers
Elder Li, Elder Van de Graaff, Elder Van Rij
I am sure Elder Van de Graaff is saying,
"What do ya mean, almost?" 

Elder Van de Graaff, Tesse and her sister.
Missions are wonderful places to make fast and forever friends.

Elder Van de Graaff's flight was eventually cancelled due to weather conditions in America, but he eventually got a flight to Atlanta, Ga and finally home to Chicago, Il.  We received an email from him that he was home and tired, but happy.

We love you and miss you--it just won't be the same!

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