Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some Go and MORE Come!!

This is the end of our small groups coming in from the MTC in Provo.  So we were especially excited to get Elder Alston and Elder Rowley.  On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, we welcomed our newest missionaries. 

President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Alston, Elder Rowley

Off to the Mission Office in Leiden to get the paper work done, the legality finished, and the financial issues taken care of before we take them to an early lunch for Pannekoeken. 

 Elder Alston, Elder Li, Elder Andrews, the financial Office Elder; Elder and Sister De Leeuw, our interim Office Couple

 Pankratz in the back, Elder Moscon, the legality Office Elder, Elder Van Rij, Elder Rowley (our only Elder in the mission from England)

 Sister and Elder Pankratz--last lunch with them 
at Oude Leiden for Pannekoeken

 Elder and Sister De Leeuw, our interium Office Couple until our 
newly called Office Couple arrive in May

 President Robinson and Elder Alston

After lunch and legality, off to the Mission Home for a nice nap after almost 22 hours of little to no sleep.  After a nap and a dinner at the Mission Home, we held our Welcome and testimony meeting.  Afterward they both opened their call to their new area and who their trainer would be for their first transfer.

 Elder Rowley will be serving in Den Haag with Elder Stanley as his trainer.  
Elder Stanley is currently serving as District Leader in Den Haag District.

Elder Alston will be serving in Gent, Belgium with Elder Bickham as his trainer.
President told Elder Alston he would now have to learn another language--

Next morning before we head back to the office to meet their new companions, we stop for a picture to document that they are truly in the Netherlands.

Elder Alston

Elder Rowley

Elder Alston, Elder Rowley Sister Robinson, President Robinson

Elders, welcome to the Land of Windmills and soon, very soon,
the Land of Tulips!

We love you and are so very glad you are here!

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