Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Zoetermeer Zusters

In the middle of this very busy week, I got a telephone call from the Zoetermeer Zusters asking me to go on a 'joint teach' with them on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, at 11:00 am.

Well, I can't pass missionary work up, so I shuffled my schedule around and met them at the Zoetermeer Chapel for the lesson.

Zuster Welch and Zuster Townsend, you are both great missionaries.  Zuster Townsend was the lead teacher for this lesson and did a great job.  When I complimented her, she said, "Just doing with Sister Welch taught me to do."  

Their investigator is a 19 year old young woman who spent 10 months in Utah on a foreign exchange program.  It was a pleasure to be part of that lesson.  I have never met such a person. She has been obedient to many of the Restored Gospel Principles all her life, not realizing why! She just thought they were right and felt she should live them, even when all her friends through otherwise.  She was amazed to live in Utah and see that so many other young women lived the way she was trying to live.

Thanks Zuster Welch and Zuster Townsend for the invitation to a wonderful and spiritual experience.  We have our next lesson scheduled for Wednesday, August 8.  

Missionary Work should be called Exciting Work!!

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  1. Thanks Zuster Robinson for posting this. It's always fun to hear how the work is going. Love, Sister Welch's mom