Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Private Mission Miracle

We now have an even dozen!!
(In Netherlands, eggs come 10 in a carton, 
so some may not know about an "even dozen")

On August 27, 2012, at 3:20 pm our 12th grandchild arrived to begin his great adventure on earth.  It's a 'journey' back to his Heavenly Father.  We welcome Nixon Lee Sagers to our family with open arms and open hearts.  This little guy was one of the main reasons that it was hard to say goodbye in June, knowing I would miss the event.  However, Sally and Lance made sure we could 'FaceTime' during the day today.  I checked in several times to see how things were going and got great updates. I got up at 2:00 AM in Leidschendam, Netherlands to FaceTime again and little Nixon was a half hour old.  He was getting cleaned up and ready to come back to his mom.  

Here is happy and tired mom and new baby boy, Nixon.

We visited for a short time and then Layton and Parker came into the room to meet their new little brother.  With FaceTime still going, we were able to watch the two boys see their baby brother for the first time.  That was precious! We are so far away, but for that few moments, we were in that room watching an eternal family welcome a brand new member with all the love and excitement that come with these events. I feel Heavenly Father's blessings in this event.  I felt so reassured over and over by the Spirit that all was well in my absence.  I felt such a calm about Sally and Lance, such an ease, even though 'mom' was not there, they were doing great.  I knew they would do great, but I was not so sure on February 10, when we stopped at their home to tell them about our mission call. Sally and I both cried knowing I would miss this great event.  That's what hung heavy on our hearts.  

The mission miracle-
My heart is at peace and is being buoyed up by the Spirit.  The Lord has blessed my heart to not break for not being with Sally and supporting her and her family in this life changing event.  The Lord has blessed my heart to be full, my joy boundless and my gratitude deep for the blessing of Nixon. 

Nixon Lee Sagers
7 lbs. 11 oz.
19 1/2 inches long
And he looks just like his older brothers--he fits!


  1. Sister Robinson,
    Congrats! to you and President Robinson What a cute little Baby.I cried when I read your remarks I can only amagin how hard that must have been for you to leave your beautful daughter. knowing That sweet baby was coming. I'm so happy for you and your family that your private Miracle has arived. He is so sweet! We so enjoy the blog.Thanks for all you do.
    Kim Cundick

  2. Zuster Robinson, Congratulations Grandma! Strange how my heart can feel your sorrow and your joy over the same event! It is sad to be away from home for these family occasions; but no sacrifice goes unnoticed. You will be blessed, as your service is a blessing to our missionaries. Thank you for being where you are. Ronda Welch