Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Elders Arrive

Another transfer of new Elders--four to be exact.  Three of these Elders we met and knew from our MTC days,  Elder Alfaro, Elder Lewis, and Elder Gomez.  Elder Sosa has been serving in Chilie while he waited for his visa--it came and he finally made it into the Netherlands.  Welcome Elders, we love you and are happy to have you here with us serving.

 They finally make it through customs with all baggage 
accounted for and in tow.

 A great group of elders considering they have had little to no sleep.

 Elder Alfaro, Elder Sosa, Sister Robinson, 
President Robinson, Elder Lewis, Elder Gomez

After interviews, orientation and legal items were completed, it is off for a pannekooen in Leiden Centrum

 Elder Alfaro, Elder Lewis

 Elder Sosa, Elder Gomez, President Robinson

 Elder Pope (office Elder), Elder Sosa, Elder Gomez

Sister and President Robinson

After a nap and a great dinner at the Mission Home, we went for a walk down by the canal to a windmill near the Mission Home.  President and I actually pass by this windmill every night on our evening walks.

 Elder Sosa

 Elder Alfaro

 Elder Gomez

 Elder Lewis

Elder Alfaro, Elder Lewis, President Robinson
Sister Robinson, Elder Gomez, Elder Sosa

Back at the Mission Home, we had a short Fireside and testimony meeting and then opened the letter telling who would be their companion and trainer and about their first area.

 Congratulations Elder Gomez who will serve with Elder Wright in Alkmaar!

 Congratulations Elder Sosa who will serve with Elder Mortensen in Heerenveen!

 Congratulation Elder Alfaro who will serve with Elder Larsen in Emmen!
Congratulations Elder Lewis who will serve with Elder Hendrickson in Spikenisse!

Elders, your enthusiasm is contagious.  Welcome to the Mission.

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  1. I love seeing all the pictures and hearing about you and your family. Thanks so much for posting it all. You are very blessed to have my nephew, Elder Lewis, in your mission. He is an awesome young man and will make a great leader someday. He is my brother's son and I haven't been around him so much because we live in Texas which is a long way from California. BUT, I know his attitude and his love for the gospel. Thank you for being awesome Mission Presidents. Virginia Lewis Mannewitz