Friday, April 17, 2015

Service Project in Zoetermeer

On February 13, 2015 President Robinson and the missionaries serving in Zoetermeer spent the morning at a dairy helping Wouter.  Wouter is a new convert and everyone in Zoetermeer ward loves him.  Many times the members drop by to help him do his chores.  Being a farmer at heart, President could not resist the opportunity to put on 'work clothes' and feed cows.

 Elder Carter

 Elder Carter and President Robinson feeding brussel sprouts

 President Robinson dumping the sprouts to the dairy cows.

 Cows love brussel sprouts.

 President Robinson

 Elder Carter

 Sister Huber and Sister Faasavalu

 Sister Huber and Sister Thomas

 Sister Thomas

 President Robinson and Elder Carter

 Elder Ames and Elder Carter

 Sister Thomas and Sister Faasavaalu

 Sister Huber, Sister Thomas, Sister Faasavalu

 Happy Cows!

 An amazing sight--cows eating brussel sprouts

 Happy Elder Ames

 Noticing the cob webs

 Farm buildings are the same everywhere.

 The working crew--Elder Ames, Elder Carter, Wouter, Sister Thomas, Sister Faasavalu, Sister Huber

 Friends forever

Been through battle together!  That's what missionaries do.

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