Monday, March 9, 2015

Mission Leadership Council for December

December 12, 2014 we held Mission Leadership Council at the Mission Home.  It is always a pleasure to invite these missionaries to the home and spend the day training and giving direction to the leadership who will, in turn, give direction to the District Leaders and to the missionaries serving in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

President and I depend on this wonderful group of leaders to train, teach and lead the mission.  They are responsible to get the 'water to the end of the row' as well as have a successful missionary area with progressing investigators.  Their time is spend doing missionary work, training District Leaders, exchanges with the missionaries they are responsible for in their Zones, and helping each missionary serve and feel success in their missions.

Back Row L to R:  Elder Cororsini, Elder Lyman, Sister Jones, Sister Fredricksen, Sister Verdegem, Elder Bonney, Elder Bosco, Elder Elkins, Elder Bourne, Elder Alston, Elder Holt President Robinson and Elder Krebs
Front Row L to R:  Elder Pouwer, Elder Robbins, Sister Jaramillo, Elder Lee, Elder Cook, Elder Torniainen

 There is always time for fun.

 President is trying to get out of the fray!

 Is it getting better or worse?

What is, is!

Thank you wonderful leaders for your personal commitment to the work, to President and to the Savior.

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