Monday, September 22, 2014

Transfers From the MTC

We cannot believe how quickly transfers roll around.  (I am sure they are every 3 weeks, but the calendar indicates it really is every 6 weeks)

We were blessed with a transfer of 11 new missionaries from the MTC--6 new Sisters and 5 new Elders.  We recognize the blessing it is from the Lord that we are having our sister missionaries replaced and we will continue to have the same number of sisters serving.  

How exciting to see them arrive in the mission!
Safe and tired, but full of energy and enthusiasm!

Back row  L to R:  President Robinson, Elder Reese, Elder Morrell, Elder DeWitt, Elder Lott, Elder Hirsch
Front row  L to R:  Sister Robinson, Sister Voss, Sister Robbins, Sister Whittington, Sister Thomas, Sister Bush, Sister Watts

Because the group was too large for the Mission Office and Mission Home, we stayed at a hotel near the airport.  So it was a short walk to the conference room to begin the 'paperwork'!

 The first of many forms and sheets.

 The take it all in stride as we get everything done before they go into the mission field.
 How many missionaries does it take to get a PowerPoint up and going?
About four, I guess.  :)

 Elder Robbins, the Financial Office Elder in the Mission Office, instructs on how MSF is distributed monthly, how and what to use it on and other important guidelines  of money and reimbursements they will be required to follow during their mission.

 If the missionary has never budgeted in there life, they now have the opportunity to learn.  Good life lesson.

 Yeah, leave the iPad around and this is what the AP's do--for a little fun!
Way to go Elder Alston and Elder Bishop.

 They are trying really hard to stay awake!  

 In between all this training, President and I interview and talk with them to quickly learn as much as we can about them before we send them into the field.

 Elder Evans, office Elder over transfer logistic, is ready to solve any and all problems that arise.

 Even though it is a little stressful, he still has a smile.  We appreciate all the effort Elder Evan puts into helping the new missionary transfer run smoothly.

 Elder Lyman is the Legality Office Elder in the Mission Office.  He keeps all 150 Elders and Sisters, as well as our Senior Couples and President and I, all legally residing in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

 We appreciate all he does--keeping us legal!

 The paperwork never ends!!

 A break!  Going to be interviewed by President.

 It doesn't matter if you just got off the plane this morning, or you are near the end of your mission, there is a goodness and glow about a missionary that is unmistakable and noticeable by everyone who sees them.  Missionaries get use to 'sticking out' in a crowd!  :0

After all was done, it was upstairs for a well needed nap.

 After dinner, President Robinson spent some time talking about some expectations the Lord has for these new missionaries.

 We are so pleased and impressed with the new missionaries.  President Robinson encourages them to continue developing the Christlike attributes  in their life which they began in the MTC, and to realize that what they will really conquer during this mission will be their own weaknesses.

Then, it was time to open their first call letters!

 Sister Whittington will be serving in Gouda with Sister Schwab as trainer and companion!

 Sister Bush will serve in Antwerpen, Belgium

 …..with Sister Nelson as trainer and companion.

 Sister Watts will serve in Amsterdam with Sister Frandsen as trainer and companion.

 Sister Thomas will serve in Almere….
 with Sister Packer as trainer and companion.

 Sister Voss will serve in Assen with Sister Woodbury as trainer and companion.

 Sister Robbins will serve in Haarlem with Sister Ottison as trainer and companion.

 Elder Morrell will serving in Tilburg….

 …with Elder Sudweeks as trainer and companion.

 Elder Lott will serve in Ommoord with Elder Chantry as trainer and companion.

 Elder Hirsch will be serving in Groningen with Elder Giles as trainer and companion.

 Elder Reese will be serving in Antwerpen with Elder Peterson as trainer and companion.

 Elder DeWitt will be serving in Lelystat with Elder Warner as trainer and companion.

 One happy group of missionaries---they will meet their companions in the morning.

Bright and early, after a hour of training with the AP's, they met their new trainers and companions!

 Sister Frandsen and Sister Watts

  Sister Thomas and Sister Packer

Elder Peterson and Elder Reese

Elder Lott and Elder Chantry

Sister Nelson and Sister Bush

Sister Robbins and Sister Ottison

Sister Whittington and Sister Schwab

Elder Hirsch and Elder Giles

Elder Warner and Elder DeWitt

Elder Morrell and Elder Sudweeks

Sister Voss and Sister Woodbury

By evening, each companionship was back out into the field doing missionary work.  The new missionaries are now the 'real deal'.
We love you and know you are prepared for success and growth. 

Note:  We spoke in Assen Branch on September 21, 2014 and spent the morning with Sister Voss and Sister Woodbury.  It was Sister Voss' first Sunday in the land and she did a fantastic job sharing her testimony in Sacrament Meeting.  We had a 'boordjes' with them before we left.  They are doing wonderfully.

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