Monday, February 17, 2014

Conference with Den Haag and Rotterdam Zones

Wednesday, February 12, 2014, we met with Den Haag and Rotterdam Zones in the newly dedicated chapel in Zoetermeer.  What a beautiful building for Zone Conferences.  We all enjoyed the Spirit and the surroundings.

Den Haag and Rotterdam Zones
 Elder Hills and Elder Ruldolph
 Elder Enslow and Elder Eby
 Sister Nelson and Sister Frandsen

 Sister Otteson and Sister Verdegem

 Elder Alfaro and Elder Silva

 Sister Rosenlof and Sister Kohlert

 Elder Swingle and Elder Fonger

  Elder Robbins and Elder Bonney

 Elder King and Elder Pimentel

 Elder Sanderson and Elder Womeldorf

 Elder Thueson and Elder Chantry

 Sister Spencer and Sister Woodbury

 Elder Giles and Elder Lindstrom

 Elder Giles and Elder Lindstrom

 Elder Fowkes and Elder Goff

 Elder Lewis and Elder van Komen
Assistants to the President

 Sister Reeder and Sister Wood

 Elder Rudolph

 Elder Stanley and Elden Denpai

 Elder Stanley and Elder Denpai

 Elder Lyman and Elder Cutler

 Elder Christensen and Elder Losee

 Elder Hulet and Elder Schmidt

 Elder Swingle and ????

 Sister Mizell and Sister Djoukeng

 Sister Raun and Sister Brown

 Sister Packer and Sister Aston

And the end--------Elder Losee

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