Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thirty New Elders


Knowing there are families waiting to see their sons' first few days in the Mission field, I am posting the new arriving missionaries now.  I know it is out of sequence for Mission events, but this
is how it worked out for this post.  President and I have Mission President's Seminar this coming week and if I don't do it now, it will be next weekend before I can post.  Thanks for understanding.

On September 3, 2013 we welcomed 28 Elders arriving from the Provo MTC.  It was the most amazing sight to see each Elder, single file, come through the gate.  I kept looking back to see where the line ended---and it didn't end.  They just kept coming through the door.  I will never forget how impressive that experience was for President and I.

Elders, Welcome to the Mission!

 Back Row: L to R  Elder Besendorfer, Elder Lundberg, Elder Sudweeks, Elder Womeldorf, Elder Goates, Elder Claflin, Elder Elkins, Elder Yocum, Elder Peterson, Elder Vande Merwe, Elder Bosco, Elder Neptune, Elder Bean, Elder Taggart, Elder Pugh, Elder England, Elder Fonger, Elder Lindstrom, Elder Brown, Elder Fowkes, Elder Hulet, Sister Robinson, President Robinson
Front Row: L to R   Elder Losee, Elder Knudsen, Elder Argueta, Elder Frisby, Elder Hunt, Elder Goff, Elder Cutler

 Waiting at the airport for the bus to pick up the luggage.  

 I guarantee that no one missed seeing this 'unusual' group of young men standing at the Schiphol Airport.  You can not miss them.

 It was almost like Christmas--we are so excited to get them here. I had to keep telling myself--"They are really here!"  We have been planning this day since the end of February.  Two more Elders coming tomorrow.

 We could tell they had developed a unique brotherhood during their time in the MTC.  They are a terrific group of missionaries. 

 President and I were not the only ones excited, they were just as excited.
Wow, what a day.

 President visiting while we waited for the bus.

 They are ready to get into the field.  

 Time with President

After we loaded the bus with all the baggage, we headed to the train station and down to catch the next train to Leiden Central.

 Train travel was a first for many of the Elders.

 However, it will become common and feel very natural in a very short time.

 It was so great watching them and seeing how happy they were and the excitement they felt.

 Again, we made quite a sight!

 Elder Burton, our AP, helped direct Elders so when the train door closed, we had all 28 Elders on the train.  (There are stories of a missionary getting on the train and the companion trying to get on right behind and the door shuts.  They wave goodbye to each other until the next train station)

  Elder Taylor visits with a group of missionaries.

 Every where I looked, all I could see were suits and name badges.

 Finally, we made it to Leiden Central and walked over to the hotel. Now the paper work and interviews begin.

 We take a break for lunch.  Elder Loorbach, an office Elder, Elder Taggart, Elder Neptune, Elder Cutler

Elder Fonger, Elder England, Elder Hulet, Elder Brown 

Elder Yocum, Elder Vande Merwe, Elder Bean, Elder Elkins

 Elder Fowkes, Elder Huff, outgoing Financial Office Elder, Elder Suckow, Financial Office Elder, Elder Christensen Legal Office Elder

Elder Womeldorf, Elder Bosco, Elder Lindstrom, Elder Frisby, Elder Claflin, Elder Lundberg

Elder Losee, Elder Goates, Elder Besendorfer, Elder Argueta

 Elder Taylor, AP; Elder Pugh

 Elder Hunt

 Elder Goff

 Elder Burton, AP; Elder Sudweeks

 President Robinson, Elder Knudsen, Elder Peterson

After contacting, a nap and a nice dinner, we again met together for a fireside and they opened their 'First Call' letters tell where they will serve and who their trainer will be during the coming transfer.

 President Scheltinga, councilor in the Mission Presidency, spoke to the newly arriving Elders.

We begin to open the "First Call" letters:

 Elder Yocum will serve in Zaandam with Elder King as trainer.

 Elder Pugh will serve in Genk Belgium with Elder Chantry as trainer.

 Elder Frisby will serve in Tilburg with Elder Lind as trainer.

 Elder Hunt will serve in Heerlen with Elder Ipson as trainer

 Elder Goff will serve in Zwolle with Elder K. Hansen as trainer

 Elder Taggart will serve in Den Helder with Elder Kemp as trainer

 Elder England will serve in Groningen with Elder Nelson was trainer

Elder Cutler will serve in Leuven Belgium with Elder Giles as trainer

 Elder Fonger will serve in Delft with Elder Endicott as trainer

 Elder Brown will serve in Leiden with Elder Moscon as trainer

Elder Lundberg will serve in Sint Niklaas Belgium with Elder Cooper 

Elder Claflin will serve in Schiedam with Elder Harvey as trainer

 Elder Knudsen will serve in Spijkenisse with Elder Farmer as trainer

 Elder Peterson will serve in Heerenveen with Elder Sanderson as trainer

 Elder Vande Merwe will serve in Amersfoort with Elder Stanley as trainer

 Elder Bean will serve in Diemen with Elder Mower as trainer

 Elder Elkins will serve in Enschede with Elder Alston as trainer

 Elder Bosco will serve in Ijmuiden with Elder Carter as trainer

 Elder Hulet will serve in Rotterdam with Elder Shoemaker as trainer

 Elder Womeldorf will serve in Rotterdam South with Elder Alfaro as trainer

 Elder Neptune will serve in Hoorn with Elder Romer as trainer

 Elder Losee will serve in Roosendaal with Elder Burgess as trainer

 Elder Fowkes will serve in Antwerpen Belgium with Elder Gomez as trainer.

 Elder Lindstrom will serve in Hilversum with Elder Christensen as trainer

 Elder Sudweeks will serve in Geel Belgium with Elder Rozendaal as trainer

 Elder Besendorfer will serve in Groningen with Elder Muse as trainer

Elder Goates will serve in Brugge Beligum with Elder Bishop as trainer

Elder Argueta will serve in Tiel with Elder Swingle as trainer

On Wednesday, September 4, 2013 they met their trainers, has more training and was sent out into the field as Missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Inviting others to Come Unto Christ and receive all the restored Gospel has to offer.

 Elder Muse and Elder Besendorfer

 Elder Argueta and Elder Swingle

 Elder Fowkes and Elder Gomez

Elder Carter and Elder Bosco

Elder Alfaro and Elder Womeldorf

 Elder Lindstrom and Elder Christensen

Elder Elkins and Elder Alston

Elder Mower and Elder Bean

 Elder Neptune and Elder Romer

 Elder Endicott and Elder Fonger

 Elder Vande Merwe and Elder Stanley

Elder Harvey and Elder Claflin

Elder Knudsen and Elder Farmer

Elder Peterson and Elder Sanderson

Elder Giles and Elder Cutler

Elder Nelson and Elder England

Elder Ipson and Elder Hunt

 Elder Yocum and Elder King

 Elder Pugh and Elder Chantry

 Elder Goff and Elder Hansen

Elder Burgess and Elder Losee

 Elder Kemp and Elder Taggart

 Elder Bishop  and Elder Goates

 Elder Rozendaal and Elder Sudweeks

Elder Cooper and Elder Lundberg

 Elder Brown and Elder Moscon

 Elder Frisby and Elder Lind

One of our Elders arrive today!  Elder Tjong-Ayong will serve in Apeldoorn with Elder Hansen as trainer.

Elder Krebs, Elder Sliingerland, Elder Nish

Elder number two,  Elder Slingerland arrived later in the day.  He will serve in Nijmegen with Elder Nish as trainer and will serve with Elder Krebs also.

As the last Elder out  into the field, we paused to have our picture taken with Elder Slingerland.  

A noteto all the mothers and fathers and other adults in the lives of these incoming Elders.  You have done an outstanding job in preparing these missionaries.  They are prepared, committed, they have strong testimonies and they know why they are here.  They are taking their responsibilities and their roles in the seriousness of the calling, but with the excitement and joy of serving the Lord.  Thank you, all of you, for a job well done.  Our commitment to you is to return your sons to you with a greater and more sure anchor in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and truly converted members of the Church of Jesus Christ. 


  1. Thank you!
    What an awesome sight!
    God bless!
    The Losee's

  2. This page is such a blessing and helps us feel closer to our grandson. We look forward to your posts, thank you.
    Sister Robin Giles

  3. Thanks so much for the blog. It meant so much to see that our Elder made it safe and sound. Thanks for all that you do.


    The Browns.