Monday, June 24, 2013

May Zone Trainings

May 16 and 17 we attended Den Haag and Rotterdam Zone Trainings for the month of May.
Following is an assortment of pictures from the two days. 

(Elder Christensen was the photographer for the day) 

Sister Meier, Sister Wood, Elder Cockbain, Elder Carter, Elder Cooper, Elder Farmer 

 Elder Cockbain, Elder Carter, Elder Cooper, Elder Farmer

Elder Mortensen visiting with Elder Mower

 Elder Huff's grand entrance!

 Sister DeLeeuw's always helping missionaries 'toe the line'.  We will miss you Sister DeLeeuw!

 Sister Rigdon and Sister Juchau with Elder Stanley

 Elder Huff and Elder Sanderson enjoying the treats!  White Chocolate!

 Lunch is served in the hallway of the Leiden Church.  This should bring back fond memories to many, many missionaries!

Yes, it is still Sisters first!

 Elder Christensen and Sister Juchau

Elder Douglas and Sister Hinchcliff

 Elder Wright, Elder Burgess and Sister Larson

 Elder McKee, Sister Wood, Sister Schwab, Sister Mizell

Elder Rowley and Elder Giles

 Elder Winmill getting his own pictures of the training!

 CAUGHT!! Yes, that is a knife and I am eating chocolate.  BEWARE!

 Sometimes, it never ends!
Elder Burgess, Elder Huff, Elder Giles

 Elder Mortensen, Elder DeLeeuw, Sister DeLeeuw, Elder Farmer, Elder Cockbain

Need we say more!

 Need we say more!

 Elder Christensen and Elder Burgess

 Elder Christensen

 Elder Sanderson and Elder Stanley

 Now add Elder Mower!

 Sister Hinchcliff talking with Sister Juchau

Sister Juchau with Sister Hinchcliff

Elder Rowley, Elder Pitts, Elder Huff


 Sister Townsend, Sister Anjewierden, Sister Hinchcliff, Elder Hyer, Elder Kemp, Sister Omozokpia, Sister Djoukeng

 Sister Djoukeng, President and Sister Robinson, Elder Goethals

 Fast paces singing!  Elder Sumter, Elder Kunz, Elder McDaniel and Elder Ipson

Too much fun!

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