Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Councilor in the Mission Presidency

President Eelco Scheltinga has been called and set apart as the 1st Councilor in the Mission Presidency to assist President Robinson.  President Scheltinga's main responsibility will be to work with and be a support to our Senior Couples and the Young Adult Centers in the mission.  President Scheltinga will also work with the Elder and Sister missionaries as we begin to increase in numbers in the mission.  President Robinson has said on several occasions that President Scheltinga's call was inspired and each time we have the opportunity to serve with him we are reminded of that fact.  The Spirit testifies again and again that the call was right and it truly came from our Heavenly Father. 

President Scheltinga's Family

Back Row:  Bro. Jack van Oudheusden, (Sister Scheltinga's Father), President Robinson, Sister J-ann Scheltinga, President Scheltinga   
Front Row: Scheltinga Children--Collin, Camille, Seth, and Tanner

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