Monday, September 17, 2012

President's Weekly Letter

(1 Nephi 18:1)

Belgium/Netherlands Mission


When someone preaches by the spirit, the spirit carries a unique, personalized message to each individual receiving the message.  Therefore, your notes from that training are what are important.  The following are general topics from the training.

The Stake Presidents talk about President Hinckley stating some years ago at a meeting in Nederland, that there would be 40 stakes in Nederland.  The Presidents view this as prophecy.  What has to change in us to bring about that kind of growth?  Ask yourself: If not you-who and if not now-when?  The same people who are living here now will be living in Nederland when that growth is attained.

The Introduction to 3 Nephi 7 is like the star wars introduction, “The chief judge is murdered, the government is overthrown, and the people divide into tribes – Jacob, an antichrist, becomes king of a league of tribes.”  However, in vs. 18, Nephi still enjoys great success in missionary work, “…it were not possible that they could disbelieve his words, for so great was his faith on the Lord…”   Those times were probably worse than our times.  We must increase our faith.  Don’t let good get in road for great?  Are you satisfied with mediocrity?  What are your self limiting beliefs in missionary work?

Great faith has a short shelf life. God is cheerful, lively, and good natured.  I know this because I am cheerful, lively and good natured when I have the spirit.  God doesn’t worry.  We don’t please the Lord when we worry.  Be encouraged but be dissatisfied so you keep working to improve.  Have a might change in heart.

Always pray for what you need at this moment.  There is power in being united in prayer and faith.  (DC 29:2,6)  What is your phobia?  You can overcome it.  Just imagine you can do it.  The Lord works with you, he will help.  Pray for the miracles.  Pray constantly.

Habits start now and you can use them in missionary work and throughout your life. Virtue is intertwined with power.  Jesus was touched by woman with an issue of blood and was healed.  He said he felt virtue leave his body.  Therefore, when you lose virtue what happens to your power?  When we choose to follow Jesus Christ we choose to change.

The people of Ammon threw away their weapons of rebellion and none of them fell away.  What symbols of rebellion are you holding on to?  Teach the people to give up their weapons of rebellion for real growth in the Church.  In Matthew, the rich man wouldn’t give his wealth (or rebellion) away. The race is against sin, not against each other.

We think the world is starring at us; they are not because they are far too worried that the world is starring at them.  People sometimes say, “I am a gloomy person; I am a victim of my gloom.”  It is not about me, it is about them, and it is about Him before it is about them.  You can choose your outlook on life and missionary work.

In D&C 29: 3,4,5, we find the Lord using words that show passion.  Passion for the work of gathering…rejoicing, voice of a trump, lift up your heart, glad…We are about the gather of the elect, others and ourselves, that we may be prepared (D&C 29: 7-8) for the Lord ‘…knowing the calamity which should come..’ prior to the Second Coming has called you and I to proclaim these things to the world (D&C 1: 17-18). 

Purify the vessels of the Lord.  Remember to develop Christ-like attributes. 
·         There is a difference between a Christ-like missionary, and just doing missionary things.
·         Learning to be like Christ is a lifelong pursuit.
·        You develop Christ-like attributes – one action at a time.  You do not go in with a machete; you use a scalpel, one experience at a time.

Elder Daniel Greer had great vision and great faith.  He asked Elder Kearon to pray for a street name and they would baptize a family from that street.  He asked Elder Kearon to set a goal to double the membership in the branch before the end of the year.  It increased from 18 to 36 by the last day of the year.  To you in Nederland and Belgie:
·        It’s your season
·        Loose yourself limiting beliefs
·        Call down power
·        Step forward

Slow down with scriptures searches.  Give investigators page number and  which book.  Finding by the spirit is just as important as teaching by the spirit.  Listen to what people say.  Act like a real person with compassion over what is happening to that person at the time.  Don’t go mechanically right back to what you prepared if it isn’t appropriate.  Understand what we must feel to teach by the spirit, what investigators must feel to receive confirmation by the spirit, and what members must feel to find by the spirit.  There are three kinds of boats: barges pulled around with no power of their own, sail boats that are fair weather only, and saving boats that drive under their own power.  Tie the blessing the individual investigator needs to his baptism. Non members think of an investigator as someone with Indiana Jones hat, trench coat and magnifying glass.  Learn to call them friends. Choose to love everything that comes your way.

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