Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sixteen New Missionaries Arrive for October Transfer

The morning of October 28, 2014 we met 15 new missionaries and one missionary who finally got his visa.  It feels so good to get them here safe and sound.  They are really remarkable young men and women.  Well prepared and excited to serve the Lord any way they can be of service.  

Welcome to the Belgium Netherlands Mission!

 L to R:  Sister Mashburn, Sister Hansen, Sister Flemming, Sister Jensen, Sister Johanson, Sister Manning, Sister Lemich, Sister Doxey, Sister Maughan, Elder Hunter, Sister Cowles, Elder Da Silva, Elder Muller, Sister Twiggs, Elder Cook, Elder Silva, Sister Robinson, President Robinson

 Down to the train station to catch a train back to Leiden Centraal.

 This large group of missionaries does draw attention from the other people around them.  They are an impressive group.

 Even though they are 'jet lagged' they are happy and excited.

 And can still have fun!

 Elder Silva talking with President.

 Elder Da Silva, Elder Alston and Sister Doxey

 It is great to have so many new sisters arrive to replace the many we are sending home.  Sister Manning, Sister Mashburn and Sister Jensen.

 Back at the conference room we begin the legality process and start interviews with President Robinson

 Short break!

 Elder Yocom, Office Elder over finances, trains on Policies and Procedures for the mission, along with how the MSF Card works every month for their monthly funds.

 Getting the paperwork done.

 Yes, even for Elder Cook!  :)

 Appreciate the training the Office Elders do each transfer.

 Still at it!

 Elder Johnson, Legality Office Elder, gets all paperwork in order to become legal in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

After lunch, a legality trip, some finding, a nap and dinner, President Robinson meets with the new missionaries for a Fireside and opening of the "First Call" letters.  The "First Call" letter will tell them the city where they will begin serving and the name of their new Companion/Trainer. 

 President Robinson shares advice, wisdom and testimony of mission work in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

 He encourages and sets high expectations for their service.

 Sister Hansen will be serving in the city of Turnhout, Belgium….. 

 with Sister Riley as companion/trainer.

 Sister Mashburn will be serving in the city Lokeren, Belglium serving in the Sint-Niklaas Ward with Sister Heilner as companion/trainer.

 Sister Lemich will be serving in the city of Breda…. 

 ...with Sister Brophy as companion/trainer.
 Sister Maughan will be serving in the city of Utrecht with Sister Kolhert as companion/trainer.

 Sister Johanson will be serving in the city of Ijmuiden working in the Haarlem Ward with Sister Clement as companion/trainer.

 Sister Manning will be serving in Capelle aan den IJssel working in the Rotterdam North Ward with Sister Greenwell as companion/trainer.

 Sister Twiggs will be serving in the city of Dordrecht with Sister Watkins as companion/trainer.

 Sister Cowles will be serving in the city of Gent, Belgium with Sister Johnson as companion/trainer.

 Sister Flemming will be serving in the city of Groningen with Sister Bradley as companion/trainer.

 Sister Jensen will be serving in the city of Maastricht working in the Heerlan Branch with Sister Reeder as companion/trainer.

 Sister Doxey will be serving in the city of Leeuwarden with Sister Thorley as companion/trainer.

 Elder Hunter will be serving in the city of Hoorn working with Alkmaar Ward with Elder Cooper as companion/trainer.

 Elder Da Silva will be serving in the city of Heerlen with Elder Torniainen as companion/trainer.

 Elder Cook will be serving in the city of Zwolle with Elder Neptune as companion/trainer.

 Elder Muller will be serving in the city of Brugge, Belgium with Elder Childs as companion/trainer.

 Elder Silva will be serving in the city of Haarlem with Elder Bishop as companion/trainer.

 His new companion is sitting in the back of the room.  Elder Bishop has served as Assistant to the President for four transfers.  He will be going back out into the field to train Elder Silva.  Lucky Elder Silva, we will miss Elder Bishop as AP.

 Elder Silva and Elder Bishop

After the letters were open, everyone was off for a great night sleep.  Or, as we say here,  'slaap lekker'.

The next morning, after training with the APs, their new companions arrived to meet them.

 There is nothing like the buzz of excitement that fills the room when new missionaries meet their new trainers/companions.

 They find one another very quickly!

 And become friends instantly!

 Sister Watkins and Sister Twiggs

 Sister Doxey and Sister Thorley

 Elder Da Silva and Elder Torniainen

 Sister Mashburn and Sister Heilner

 Sister Hansen and Sister Riley

 Sister Brophy and Sister Lemich

 Sister Maughan and Sister Kolhert

 Sister Manning and Sister Greenwell

 Sister Johanson and Sister Clement

 Elder Neptune and Elder Cook

 Sister Johnson and Sister Cowles

 Elder Hunter and Elder Cooper

 Sister Flemming and Sister Bradley

 Sister Jensen and Sister Reeder

 Elder Bishop and Elder Silva

Elder Childs and Elder Muller

 President Robinson with Elder Alston and Elder Bishop as APs.
We love you Elder Bishop and will miss you.

President Robinson, Elder Alston, Elder Bishop and Elder Bourne.
Elder Bourne has been called as the new AP.

President Robinson, Elder Alston and Elder Bourne
Welcome aboard Elder Bourne.

 Elder Alston and Elder Bourne will be serving in the city of Amsterdam and their primary responsibility is to find, teach and baptize---and assist the President in everything that is going on in the mission.  These two missionaries are up to the challenge.  We love you.

 The last of the training prior to going out to their new areas.  Sister Robinson trains on "Adjusting to Missionary Life"

 President Robinson trains on the '12-week' program for new missionaries.

There is nothing more we can do to give them a great send off. They have prepared and we have trained.  Our prayers are with them every day.  It is time to get into the field and serve the Lord. You will learn best by doing--  Success!

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