Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Senior Couple to serve in the Mission Office

On October 18, 2014 Elder and Sister Robison arrived to begin their 18 month mission in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  They will be serving as our new Office Senior Couple. We are delighted and excited to have them join us.  It is a unique experience to work in the office.  The office Senior Couple have the blessing to getting to know all the missionaries, meeting the new missionaries every transfer, seeing the departing missionaries before they leave for home.  The Robisons will be involved in the Haarlem District, so each week they have the opportunity to support this group of missionaries and be part of the Missionary efforts.  They also have assignment in the Wassenaar Ward as Member and Priesthood Support for that ward.  We are so very happy to welcome them to the mission.

 A long flight, but you made it to Amsterdam.

Elder and Sister Robison
Senior Couple for the Mission Office in the Belgium Netherlands Mission

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