Monday, November 3, 2014

October Mission Leader Council

October 17, 2014 was the monthly Mission Leader Council.  This meeting is the opportunity to train the mission leaders on material for the next transfers trainings.  It then becomes their responsibility to take it back to their Zones and train the District Leaders.  The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders along with the Assistants to the President and President and me make up the Mission Leader Council.  It is always a great meeting to get the training material from Preach My Gospel, be taught doctrine that applies to our training material and council together to address needs and issues in the mission.  The goal of the council to to have all input from the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders and in the spirit of revelation and inspiration, and through open discussion determine the mind and will of the Lord and what he would have them do in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

After the morning training it is lunch time--and President always serves up his famous mussels--fresh from Zeeland!

 Elder Pouwer, Elder Bonney, President Robinson, Elder Cook, Elder Bosco

 The Elders are gullible---President talked them into giving them a try!

 Who will try them and who will decide they can 'just say no'!

 Guess mussels are a real hit with everyone except Elder Bonney.  Maybe next council Elder Bonney.

 Elder Rudolph

 Doesn't look like Elder Moomy, Sister Spencer, Sister Elting, Sister Morris or Elder Bitters were too interested in mussels, but Elder Cooper is up for a treat!

 Elder Alston and Sister Johnson say yes to the mussels--Elder Bourne, Sister Otteson, Elder  Krebs just enjoy watching.

 Elder Cockbain is not into it either--
Do they have mussels in South Africa Elder Cockbain?

 If you know Elder Alston, you know it isn't really enjoying this experience.

 Elder Krebs, Elder Cockbain, Elder Bourne

 Sister Morris, Elder Cooper, Elder Bitters, Elder Moomey, Sister Spencer, 
Sister Elting  (The sun was especially bright which is totally unusual for the Netherlands--so many missionaries have their eyes closed for the pictures because it was so bright.  I know they are not accustom to that much sun, but they are enjoying)

 More Sunshine and Smiles!

 Elder Cooper
 Sister Robinson--the kitchen help!

 Front Row  L to R:  Sister Morris, Sister Johnson, Sister Spencer, Sister Elting, Sister Otteson, Sister Verdegem
Middle Row  L to R:  President Robinson, Elder Cook, Elder Bonney, Elder Pouwer, Elder Moomey, Elder Bitters, Elder Bosco,
Back Row  L to R:  Elder Cooper, Elder Krebs, Elder Cockbain, Elder Bourne,  Elder Rudolph, Elder Bishop, Elder Corsini, Elder Alston

 What a great group!!!!

 Sister Training Leaders with Sister Robinson

 Sister Otteson, Sister Elting, Sister Morris, Sister Robinson, Sister Verdegem, Sister Johnson, Sister Spencer

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