Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sisters Conference

October 11, 2014 we held our first Sisters Conference.  President plans on making this a semi-annual conference for the Sisters of the Mission.

We met in the Mission Home and heard instruction from President and Sister Robinson, and each of our six Sister Training Leaders.  We ended with a council on maintaining our Mission Culture and specifically our Sister Missionary Mission Culture as most of our sister missionaries are returning home between now and the December 10th transfer.

 President and I love these Sister Missionaries.  They are work harding, diligent, committed, faithful and disciples of Christ.  The good they do everyday cannot be measured.  Every one of these Sisters made a life-changing decision to serve a mission and they will never be the same again. We are very luck to have them serving in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

 It's getting…

 It's really getting…

 …just plain fun!

 A picture with Sister Robinson

 Then they have some fun!

 As you watch the pictures….

 notice President…..

 making his exit…

 out of the way….

of a wonderful group of great Sister Missionaries!!!

Kudos to the AP's for their help in the kitchen that day and their support of President with a house full of Sisters!

 Elder Bishop

Elder Alston

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