Sunday, April 6, 2014

March Mission Leaders Council

March 21, 2014 was Mission Leaders Council at the Mission Home.  This is always my favorite meeting of the month.  This is the meeting where the leadership of the mission, the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, councils together with items of concern in the mission.  These items of concern for counsel come from the experiences and exchanges of our leaders as they become aware of them as they work with missionaries throughout the mission.

President Robinson, Sister Meier, Elder Ipson, Sister Nelson, Elder Cooper, Elder Chantry, Sister Wood, Sister Schwab, Sister Heilner, Sister Larson, Elder Pimentel, Elder Pitts, Elder Sumter, Elder Eastmond, Elder Lewis, Elder Bishop, Elder King, Elder Praag, Elder Gomez, Elder Muse, Elder Alston

Welcome to the new Zone Leaders, Elder Pitts and Elder Alston, and the new Sister Training Leaders, Sister Larson and Sister Schwab

 Too much talking!!

 Too little focus!!

 Too much silly!!

 Way too much fun!!

President and I love you all for the responsibilities and extra workload you carry in addition to your regular missionary work. You are a blessing to everyone in the Mission.

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