Sunday, October 6, 2013

Zone Training in Antwerpen

On August 1, 2013 President and I attended the Antwerpen Zone Training.  These trainings are done by the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leader of the Zone.  To Elder Andrews, Elder Armstrong and Sister Rigdon--very well done on the training.  Inspirational and timely.  Everyone learned, gained new knowledge and felt the Spirit.  Everyone felt charged and motivated to go out and get to work!

Elder Armstrong, Sister Rigdon, and Elder Andrews training the 
Antwerpen Zone

The following pictures are during lunch and after the training.  I always hesitate to take pictures during a training.  I don't want to be a distraction and take away from the Spirit.  So believe me when I say they are all very attentive during a training.  They are focused and busy taking notes and marking scriptures.  But during lunch and when it is time to say goodbye until next month's Zone Training, they have a lot of fun!

 Visiting during lunch.

 I find out the oddest things if I just ask questions!!

 Elder Rudolph


 Elder Giles

 Elder Giles, Sister Rigdon, Elder Pimentel

 Elder Nelson, Elder Shoemaker, Elder Ombach

 Still gathering information!

 Sister Aldous and Sister Nelson 
 President Robinson and Elder Toole

 Elder Giles, Elder Robinson
Sister Nielson, (hiding) Sister Rigdon, Sister Israelsen

 Sister Rigdon, Sister Nielson, Sister Israelsen

 Elder Armstrong and Elder Bishop

 The Real Elder Armstrong and the Real Elder Bishop
(The Cedar City Elders)

 Elder Armstrong and Elder Lind

 Elder Suckow and Sister Brophy

 Sister Rigdon and Sister Israelsen

 Elder Armstrong, Elder Hansen, Elder Giles

 Sister Hoff andSister Morris

 Sister Morris

 Sister Brophy and Sister Djouking

 Sister Kohlert and Sister Brophy

 Sister Kohlert and Sister Brophy

 Elder Suckow

 Sister Kohlert, Sister Brophy, Sister Djouking

 Elder Rudolph and Elder Pouwer

 From afar------Elder Eastmond, Elder Lind, Elder Ruldolph

 Saying goodbye after the training.

 Success to you too, Elder Giles!

 Elder Armstrong and Elder Andrews

Elder Armstong, Elder Andrews and Sister Rigdon

These three are a dynamic group of missionaries. Great teachers, great leaders.  They are loved and held in high regard by their fellow missionaries in the Antwerpen Zone.  These three do anything and everything necessary to move the work forward in Antwerpen Zone.  They carry a huge load.  What ever President Robinson asks of them, they do it with enthusiasm, faith and commitment.  They love the missionaries and they love the members and investigators in Netherlands and Belgium!   And President and I love and appreciate them for their untiring example of service to the Lord.

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