Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Missionaries Leave

The second half of transfer week is sending our best missionaries home.  We say goodbye to four rock solid committed missionaries.  It will be hard to see this mission without them.  They have been great leaders.

We had a wonderful evening in the Mission Home.  Elder Andrews' and Elder Burgess' families came to pick them up from their missions.  We invited the families to join us for our dinner and testimony fireside.  It was a evening where we all felt the Spirit and had the opportunity to testify.  Thank you Elders and family members.

Elder Moscon, Elder Andrews, Elder Burgess, Elder Shoemaker
President and Sister Robinson

It's a free-for-all with the iPad!
 Elder Taylor and Elder Van Komen

 Elder Burgess, Elder Shoemaker and Elder Burgess' brother

 Elder Moscon and Sister Andrews

 Elder Andrews and Elder Moscon

 Brother Andrews, Elder Andrews, Sister Andrews

 Brother Burgess, Elder Burgess, Sister Burgess, Elder Burgess' Brother.

 Last few memories of Missionary Fun!

 It's all fun and games until somebody gets ...........sent home!

 Next morning at the airport we meet Brother Andrews and say goodbye to Elder Andrews.  This is always the hard part for me.

 Goodbye to Elder Moscon.

 Goodbye to Elder Shoemaker.

 Last minute advice from President!

 It's way too hard to see them go home.

 We love these Elders!

 It is hard to let them go.

President Robinson, Elder Moscon, Elder Shoemaker, Sister Robinson

We love you.  We will miss you.  Success!

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