Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Missionary Arrive

Missionaries just keep coming and we just keep loving it.  On October 15, 2013 we greeted six new missionaries arriving from the MTC in Provo.

 Elder Davis, Elder Silva, Elder South, Elder Johnson, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Rauma, Elder Warner

 This is a great looking group of Elders--Welcome!

 At the train station in Schipol waiting for the train to Leiden Centraal.

 Elder Silva, Elder Burton, Elder Davis

 Elder Rauma, Elder South, Elder Johnson, Elder Warner, Elder Taylor

Back to the office for all the paperwork and interviews with President.  Then it is off to lunch at Oude Leiden for pannenkoeken.  

 L. to R.:  Elder Christensen, office Elder; Elder Taylor, AP; Elder Silva, Elder Davis, Elder Suckow, office Elder; Elder Warner

 Elder South, Elder Johnson, Elder Burton, AP

 Everyone got what they wanted!

 And it is hard to resist eating right away.

 A great lunch!


Later in the afternoon they are off for a nap at the Mission Home.  After a nice dinner, President has a short fireside with them and then pass out their 'First Area of Service' call letters.  These letters will tell them where they will serve and who will be their trainer companion for the next 6 weeks.

 Elder Davis will serve in Eindhoven with Elder Cockbain as his trainer.

 Elder Rauma will serve in Sliedrecht (Dordrecht) with Elder Mower as his trainer.

 Elder Warner will serve in Zoetermeer with Elder J. Christensen as his trainer.

 Elder Silva will serve in Vlissingen with Elder Burton as his trainer.

 Yes, it is true.  Elder Burton is moving up from AP to trainer for his last transfer before returning home in six weeks.

 Elder South will serve in Gent, Belgium with Elders Wiscombe and Corsini as trainers.

 Elder South hit the jackpot--two great Elders to work and train with.

 Elder Johnson reads and finds he is serving in Hengelo.

 Serving with Elder Huff as trainer.

 The next morning we take a quick walk down the canal by the Mission Home to the Windmill.

 Elder Rauma

 Elder South

 Elder Johnson

 Elder Davis

 Elder Warner

 Elder Silva

Elder Burton

 Elder Taylor

Elder Warner, Elder Silva, Elder Rauma, Elder Davis, Elder South, Elder Johnson
Sister and President Robinson

This is the bright future of the next two years!

 Elder Christensen and Elder Warner

Elder Rauma and Elder Mower

 Elder Silva and Elder Burton

 Elder Cockbain and Elder Davis

Elder Huff and Elder Johnson

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