Friday, January 10, 2014

Senior Couples Council

January 3, 2014 was our first Senior Couples Council for 2014. What a great day with the Senior Couples.  We have five Senior Couples serving in our mission and three couples from the Netherlands.  The three couples from the Netherlands are serving in the JoVo Centers.
Elder and Sister Winmill   serving as Office Couple
Elder and Sister Seiter    serving in JoVo Center in Den Haag
Elder and Sister Evenhuis  serving as Member Support in Lelystad
Elder and Sister Romig  serving as JoVo in Groningen and Member Support in Leeuwarden
Elder and Sister Kruizinga  serving in JoVo Center in Eindhoven 
Brother and Sister Jansen serving in JoVo Center in Deventer 
Brother and Sister De Wilde  serving in JoVo Center in Antwerpen
Brother and Sister Klijweg   serving in JoVo Center in Ansterdam

President Scheltinga does a training for the Senior Couples which was geared toward helping our Single Young Adult Program  (JoVo) become more successful through the stake and ward leadership.

President Scheltinga also trained the Senior Couples that with their many other responsibilities--JoVo Centers, Mission Office duties, Member Support efforts, Missionary Support at District Meetings and Zone Conferences, apartment inspections, fleet maintenance--they are called and set apart as full time MISSIONARIES and not to get so caught up in the other duties to neglect their primary responsibility as missionaries.

President Robinson shared a number of 'turning points' from the scriptures.  Decisions that were made by individuals that changed the course of events.  He challenged all Senior Couples to make today and this year a 'turning point' in their mission and change the course of events in their mission.

What a great day with the couples!

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