Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Zone Training for Den Haag Zone

Wednesday, January 22, 2014, President and I attended the Den Haag Zone Training.  Elder Pimentel, Elder King are the Zone Leaders and Sister Wood is the Sister Training Leader.

Their focus for this transfer is to more fully 
Invite the Spirit into Missionary Work.

The Zone Leaders did a fantastic job teaching and inspiring the missionaries.  One missionary shared with me after the training that this was possibly the more spiritual and spirit filled training 
they ever had attended while on their mission.  
Wonder job inviting the Spirit into your Zone.

Time for Lunch

 Elder Swingle, Elder King

 Sister Wood, Sister Leader Trainer

 Sister Spencer, Sister Woodbury, Sister Rosenlof,Sister Kohlert

 Elder Fonger, Elder Schmidt, Elder Hulet

 Sister Schwab, Sister Otteson, Sister Reeder

 Elder Bonney,  Elder Pimentel, Elder Lindstrom

 Elder Cook, Elder Thomas, Elder Alada

 Elder Lindstrom, Elder Robbins, Elder Giles, Elder Losee

 Elder Losee, Elder Christensen, Elder Cook

 Elder and Sister Evenhuis

 Elder and Sister Seiter

Elder Schmidt and Elder Hulet

 Elder Fonger and Elder Swingle

 Sister Wood and Sister Reeder

 Sister Otteson and Sister Schwab

 Sister Rosenlof and Sister Kohlert

 Sister Spencer and Sister Woodbury

 Elder Losee and Elder Christensen

 Elder Bonney and Elder Robbins

 Elder Alada, Elder Thomas and Elder Cook

 Elder Alada is our resident 'Will Smith'.  He is from Utrecht, Netherlands and is called to serve in the Atlanta, Georgia Mission.  Because of visa issues, Elder Alada has been serving 3 months in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  Now with visas in place, he is leaving for the MTC in Provo on Monday, January 27, 2014.  So, we will lose another great missionary.  We love you Elder Alada and will miss you.  Atlanta, Georgia Mission is very very blessed!

Elder Giles and Elder Lindstrom

 Elder King and Elder Pimentel, Zone Leaders

They are doing the President Oddens' "YES" move.  Taught by the one and only President Oddens.  This is the move you make after everything you have been working and praying for is blessed by the Lord, the miracle happens.  When you get back to your apartment that night, this is how you celebrate.  Sooooo much better than an average High 5!!

 Thank you to the senior couples  Elder and Sister Seiter and Elder and Sister Evenhuis for the great meal.

 We are so appreciative of all that our senior couples do for the mission and the missionaries.  They are truly the foundation for our missionary support and 
the well-oiled-machine that keeps the mission going and the missionaries supported so the Elders and Sisters can go out every day and 
'find, teach and baptize".
Thank you everyone for a wonderful Zone Training.

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