Friday, January 10, 2014

Goodbye to three more GREAT Missionaries

December has been hard with six missionaries going home--here are the last three to leave.  On December 26, 2013 we had Elder Huff, Elder Armstrong and Elder Harvey come to the Mission Home for their final evening in the Netherlands.

President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Huff, Elder Armstrong 
and Elder Harvey

Elder Harvey, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Armstrong, Elder Huff

The morning of December 27, 2013 we arrive at Terminal 2 to say good bye to Elder Harvey and Elder Armstrong who will be traveling together.

Elder Armstrong and Elder Harvey, thank you for all you have done.  You have been an positive influence for our younger missionaries.  Because of your leadership, your influence will be felt for many months to come--maybe years to come.  Thank you.  We love you.

We are always supported by the Assistants.  Thanks to you both Elder Van Komen and Elder Lewis.

Then over to Terminal 3 to say good bye to Elder Huff.  
We love you.  It is hard to see you go, but I am so very happy for your family!

These three families have postponed Christmas until their Missionary arrives home.  Merry Christmas and thank you for your service.

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