Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goodbye Once More

On July 1, 2013 we said goodbye again. Elder and Sister DeLeeuw are going back to Utah to family and friends--leaving their mission family and friends.  Sister DeLeeuw has been crying for the past three months preparing for this evening.  She still is not ready.

Elder Rowley is transferring to the Manchester England Mission, so we sadly say goodbye to him, knowing that the Manchester England and President Preston are getting a 'gem' of a missionary.  Thank you for your service to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  You, Elder Rowley, are loved by all!

 Elder Rowley, President Robinson, Sister Robinson, 
Sister DeLeeuw and Elder DeLeeuw

 Sister DeLeeuw's last advice, warning, threat, and council to the AP's--are you listening Elder Li and Elder Burton?

 Not so much!

 Think they will listen?

Next morning at the Schipole we say Goodbye. 
 President Robinson, Sister Robinson and Elder Rowley
We love you and have a great respect for you.  
You go with our support and love.

 Saying goodbye to beloved Friends!

President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder DeLeeuw, Rose, Marianna, 
Sister DeLeeuw

The DeLeeuw's will be missed.  They have gotten us through more tight spots,  tight squeezes, narrow misses and near catastrophes than we care to remember.  Thank you for your faith, service and selfless giving!

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