Thursday, September 20, 2012

Special Zone Leader and District Leader Council

Today, September 19, 2012, we held a Special Zone Leader and District Leader joint council.  We trained on the challenge left by Elder Kearen at the time he toured the mission on September 5 and 6.  He challenged us to raise our sights and do more than leave his training 'feeling good', but to do something with the things we had learned and what the Spirit had testified to each of us.  Elder Kearen spent an additional hour and a half training with our Zone Leaders and helped them create a framework for something great.  It is this:

I Do---Each Missionary will strive for a 'Mighty Change of Heart' 
in their own life through faith, consecration, 
mighty prayer, fasting, love and 
passion for missionary work.
We Do---Each missionary companionship will work to
 'Strengthen our Brethren' through service to and 
love for the branch, ward, and stake leaders and 
members where they are called to serve.  
To serve and love as a true Disciple of Christ.
All Do---Whatever the branch, ward or stake mission plan and 
vision is, we are here, as missionaries of the Lord, 
to help Bishops, Branch Presidents, Stake Presidents and 
their members be successful with their missionary efforts.

At the dinner on Wednesday evening of Elder Kearen's time with us, we talked with the Stake Presidents from the Mission.  We were reminded that Spencer W. Kimball, as an apostle, prophesied that there would be 40 stakes in the Netherlands.  After considering what Elder Kearen had challenged, the inspiration came for us to rise to the opportunity to begin that growth and have the necessary growth in one year for another stake in the Mission.  In our joint council we discussed what it would look like and what we must do.  
It fit in our framework of I Do--We Do--All Do

We are all excited and committed in achieving a 'mighty change of heart', work hard and Jesus Christ will lead us in our humble efforts.  

Here is the Mission Miracle of the day--just as we were beginning our afternoon session, President got a call and stepped out of the room.  As we were ending our meetings, President got up to close by saying, "Do you know who that call was from?" No one ventured a guess.  "It as Elder Kearen calling to ask how things were going since he was here.  I shared with him what we were doing today and again on Friday. He is very interested in what we are doing.
 Elders, we can do this!"
President reminded us what Elder Kearen shared with us,
"If not you, who?  If not now, when?"

Both President and I felt the Spirit in abundance today during our training.  These are exciting times in the mission and it is exciting to be a missionary in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  Every missionary wants to leave the mission field knowing that he or she made a significant difference.  Thanks to all missionaries who have served, we take what you have done and on your shoulders we stand to keep building up Zion. 

 Elder Klippel, Elder Burton, Elder B. Andrews, Elder Ellis
President Robinson, Elder van de Graaff, Elder Moscon, Elder Mathis, 
Elder Van Rij, Elder Van Overbeek

 How many Elder's does it take to back up a car in a very small parking lot?

 Job well done!

 Goodbye Den Haag Zone and District Leaders--tot ziens.

Rotterdam Zone Leaders--Elder Schulte helps Elder Bickham out of a tight spot!

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