Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Missionaries Arrive from the MTC

August 5, 2014 we met five new missionaries at Schiphol Airport.  Four Elders and one Sister.  We were happy to see them arrive.  We are so grateful that the Lord just keeps right on calling worthy and good young men and women and sending the best to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

 Sister Robinson, Sister Fredrickson, Elder Steenblik, Elder Andrew, Elder Shaw, Elder Parr, President Robinson

 Waiting down in the train station to go to Leiden Centraal and to the Mission Office.

 Talking with President and Elder Bishop, one of our AP's.

 Elder Parr and Sister Fredrickson talking with Elder Eastmond, one of our AP's.

 They will learn the train system in the Netherlands and Belgium better than their own neighborhood back home before they return home in 18 months or two years.

 On transfer week, it is always common to see groups of missionaries in 'het station'.

In the Mission Office they are busy with the necessary legality paperwork.

They will also get their financial card and instructions on how the money works.

Then, off to lunch.

Sister Fredrickson, Elder Andrew, Elder Shaw, Elder Steenblik, Elder Parr

A really great group of missionaries.  We are so pleased they are here.

Sister Fredrickson

Elder Andrew

Elder Parr

Elder Steenblik

Elder Shaw

President Robinson

Elder Lyman, Elder Bishop, Elder Robbins, Elder Shaw, Elder Steenblik

 Elder Steenblik, Sister Fredrickson

Elder Andrew, Elder Parr

The whole group--New missionaries, Office Elders, AP's and President

After a much needed nap and a wonderful dinner at the mission home, we had a short Fireside and Testimony Meeting.  

Then, the 'first call' letters.

Sister Fredrickson will be serving in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Her trainer and new Companion will be Sister Western.

Elder Parr will be serving in Delft, Netherlands

He will be serving with ……...

……..Elder Hulet as trainer and companion.

Elder Shaw will be serving in Rotterdam.

His new companion and trainer will be Elder Taggart.

Elder Andrew will be serving in Genk, Belgium…...

with Elder Claflin as trainer and companion.

Elder Steenblik will be serving in……. 

 Leuven, Belgium with…… 

 Elder Losee as trainer and companion.

Wednesday morning after training with the AP's, they finally got to met their new companions.

 Elder Parr and Elder Hulet

Sister Western and Sister Fredrickson

Sister Taylor and Sister Jaramillo 
Sister Jaramillo was with this group of missionaries, but she came three weeks earlier as she already knew Dutch.

Elder Losee and Elder Steenblik

Elder Claflin and Elder Andrew

Elder Taggart and Elder Shaw

We spent another hour in training and then, with suitcases and new companions, out they went to the train station and headed for their new area of service in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

NOTE to self:  They ALL look happy and excited.  Transfers truly are inspired!

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