Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Elders Arrive

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 was a double great day for getting new missionaries.  We had two flights to greet.  

First, we greeted a flight for Elder Rasmussen.  He has spent two transfers in the Cincinnati, Ohio Mission waiting for his visa.  He finally arrived!

 President Robinson, Elder Rasmussen, Sister Robinson

A few minutes later at another gate, we greeted another six Elders  direct from the MTC in Provo!  What a perfect group of missionaries.

L to R: Elder Frerederico, Elder Bernier, Elder Clement, 
Elder Lovin, Elder Childs, President Robinson, Sister Robinson,
 Elder Nye, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Shelton

 Parents, pick the best picture of your son to share.

 Waiting for the train to Leiden Centraal Station.
Elder Childs, Elder Nye, Elder Lovin, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Clement

Elder Frederico, Elder Shelton, Elder Childs, Elder Nye

 Elder Bernier, Elder Frederico,Elder Shelton

 Elder Nye, Elder Lovin, Elder Clement, Elder Rasmussen

 All round great Elders, excited to be here to work hard.

 Centrium of Leiden, going to the Gemeente to sign into the country.

They are going street contacting after the Gemeente huis.

 First day in the land.  Passerbys always notice a group of missionaries.  Can't help but notice something special about them--fun and all.

 Elder Lovin

 Elder Nye

 Elder Bernier

 Elder Frederico

 Elder Clement

 Elder Shelton

Elder Childs

 Elder Rasmussen

After a nap and a great dinner, we head back to trainings and meetings with President Robinson.  We end with a short testimony in Dutch from everyone.

 Elder Rasmussen  Elder Clement

 Elder Frederico   Elder Shelton

 Elder Bernier  Elder Lovin

 Elder Childs   Elder Nye

Elder Bosco and Elder Lee spent the day with us to do his legality that we could not do last week.

After testimonies, the Elders opened their 'first call' letter.  This letter will tell them their who their new trainer will be and the area they will serve in to begin their mission.

 Elder Bernier will be trained by Elder Bourne in the city of Tilburg, Netherlands

 Elder Frederico will be trained by Elder Nielson . . . .

 . . . in the city of Hangelo, Netherlands.

 Elder Shelton will be trained by Elder Lindstrom in the city of Den Haag, Netherlands.

 Elder Lovin will be trained by Elder Moomey in the city of Brugge, Belgium.

 Elder Childs will be trained by Elder Womeldorf in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

 Elder Rasmussen will be trained by Elder Knudsen in the city of Geel, Belgium.

 Elder Clement will be trained by Elder Giles in Hilversum, Netherlands.

 Elder Nye will be trained by Elder Tjong-Ayong…..

….in the city of Eindhoven.  

Since it has been one of their longest days ever, we sent them to bed at 9:00 pm.  That will be the last early to bed for two years.  Enjoy!

The next morning they had the opportunity to meet their trainer and new companion for the next 6 weeks.

 Elder Nielson and Elder Frederico

 Elder Moomey and Elder Lovin

 Great looking companionship.

 First greeting in the mission field---a hug!

 Elder Knudsen and Elder Rasmussen

 The hug----

 Elder Bourne and Elder Bernier


 Elder Childs and Elder Womeldorf

 Elder Bosco and Elder Lee 

 Sister Verdegem and Sister Otteson
Sister Verdegem came to the mission mid-transfer so she is a part of the new missionary training today.

Elder Nye and Elder Tjong-Ayong
Elder Lindstrom and Elder Shelton

Elder Giles and Elder Clement

Elder van Komen taking care of AP duties for President and training the newly arriving missionaries.

Elder van Komen also wishes the new missionaries and trainers success and shares his testimony of the gospel and missionary work.  Elder van Komen is leaving as AP today and taking another assignment as District Leader in Groningen. 

Elder Sumter has been assigned as the new AP for President Robinson 

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