Monday, February 17, 2014

Conference for Eindhoven and Antwerpen Zones

Thursday, February 13, 2014, we held our third and final day of Zone Conference for the Eindhoven and Antwerpen Zones.

What a wonderful group of missionaries.  What a blessing these last three days have been for President and I to know, serve and develop lasting friendships with these remarkable Elders and Sisters.  We love conferences where we can go out and be with the greatest missionaries serving in the whole world!!

Eindhoven and Antwerpen Zones

 Sister Clement and Sister Anjewierden

 Elder Rozendaal and Elder Knudsen

 Elder Ames and Elder Pitts

 Elder Larsen and Elder Price

 Sister Western and Sister Aldous

 Elder Pugh and Elder Reynolds

 Elder Nish and Elder van de Sanda

 Elder Slingerland and Elder Hunt

 Elder Gomez and Elder Sumter
Antwerpen Zone Leaders 

 Elder Paur and Elder Suckow

 Elder Nish and Elder Denny

 Elder Tjong-Ayong and Elder Davis

 Sister Meier and Sister Watkins

 Sister Taylor and Sister Juchau

 Sister Heilner and Sister Greenwell

 Elder vande Merwe and Elder Rauma

 Elder Ipson and Elder Praag
Eindhoven Zone Leaders

 Elder Corsini and Elder England

 Elder Goates and Elder Moomey

 Elder Tjong-Ayong and Elder van de Sande
 Elder Frisby and Elder Bourne

 Elder Hansen and Elder Wiscombe

 Elder Carter and Elder Bean

 Elder Endicott and Elder Leon

 Elder Sudweeks and Elder Thomas
 Elder Brown and Elder Taggart

 Elder Bitters and Elder Warner

 Elder Cook and Elder Argueta

 Sister Elting and Sister Morris

Elder van Komen and Elder Lewis

Thanks for a wonderful and spiritual week of training and testifying.  
We love you all.  Success.

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