Monday, February 17, 2014

Conference with Apeldoorn and Amsterdam Zones

Tuesday, February 11, 2014, we started our week of Zone Conferences.  Amsterdam and Apeldoorn Zones met together in Apeldoorn Church.  It was great to finally meet in Apeldoorn.  Just before Christmas, the renovation on the Apeldoorn Church was completed.  New entry way, new doors, new carpet, new benches and new woodwork throughout the church.  Green curtains gone and white partition doors to separate the hall from the chapel.  Also, white partition doors now separate the hall from the baptismal font.  We were all excited to see and use the new facility. 

Apeldoorn and Amsterdam Zones

 We just finished up with a great day of training.

 Everyone enjoys seeing old companions and MTC friends

 Elder Johnson is our piano player for the Zone Conference

 Elder Lee, Elder Claflin, Elder Bosco

 Sister Brophy and Sister Israelsen

 Sister Johnson and Sister Larson

 Elder Robinson, Elder Krebs and Elder Bean

 Elder Bean and Elder Goethals

 Sister Andersen, Sister Omozopkia, Sister Jones

 Sister Stevens and Sister Andersen

 Sister Andersen and Sister Schwab

 Sister Rigdon and Sister Hoff

 Elder Peterson and Elder Besendorfer

 The excitement of seeing old friends and companions!! Sister Hudson and Sister Schwab

 Sister Thorley and Sister Hudson

 Elder Kemp and Elder Sosa

 Elder Farmer and Elder de Bisschop

 Elder Farmer, Elder de Bisschop and Elder Key

 Elder Yocum and Elder Elkins

 Sister Schwab, Sister Omozopkia, Sister Jones

 Elder Pouwer and Elder Strikwerda

Elder Bishop and Elder Cooper  
Zone Leaders for Amsterdam Zone

 Elder Blackhurst and Elder Lundberg

 Elder Evans, Elder Cockbain, Elder Lind, Elder Loorbach

 Elder Muse and Elder Eastmond  
Zone Leaders for Apeldoorn Zone

 Elder Alston and Elder Torniainen

 Elder Johnson and Elder Nielsen

 Elder Kortodirjo and Elder Hansen

 Elder Toole and Elder Nelson

 Elder Romig and Sister Romig
Could not do what we do without our Senior Couples!

Elder Goethals, Elder South, Elder Key

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