Monday, June 24, 2013

We Say Goodbye Again

On May 22, 2013 we sadly said goodbye to two of our most wonderful Sister missionaries.  Sister Stout and Sister Palenikova.  These two wonderful Sister have the most amazing testimony and conviction of the Gospel.  They both know their Savior on a very personal level.  Thank you for your service, example, and testimony.

 President, Sister Palenikova, Sister Robinson, Sister Stout

 Another, just because!

 Sister Stout's parents came to the Netherlands to pick her up.  We were honored to have them join us that evening.  Thank you Bro. and Sister Stout.  It was a pleasure to met you and personally thank you for your wonderful daughter.

 Sister Stout, Sister Stout, Sister Palenikove, Bro. Stout

You two Sister Missionaries, thank you for the impact you have made in our lives.  I am sorry Sister Stout, that you are not here to write any more of President's aphorisms. To you both, we love you and wish you the greatest success in the coming years.  See you both back in Utah! 

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