Monday, June 24, 2013

The Next Wave of our FLOOD of Missionaries

June 11, 2013 we were greeted with 15 new missionaries from the MTC in Provo.  Their plane was early so we met them in the train station of the Airport.
What a sight---15 missionaries with luggage--that was an impressive sight!

 Sister Anderson, Sister Western, Sister Nelson, Sister Spencer, Elder Enslow, Sister Rosenlof, Sister Morris, Sister Robinson, President, Sister Hoff, Sister Elting, Sister Aldous, Sister Schwab, Sister Aston, Elder Denny, Elder Corsini, Elder Nielsen.  WOW!

 Because of the size of the group, we stayed at the Sheridan Hotel near the airport.  We settled in and started the paperwork for legality and financial.

  Elder Denny and Elder Nielsen
 Sister Anderson and Sister Morris

 Elder Corsini, Elder Enslow, Sister Aldous, Sister Aston

 Sister Schwab, Sister Western, Elder Burton ??? (How did you get there?) and Sister Nelson

 Sister Spencer, Sister Elting, Sister Hoff

 We traveled down to Leiden to do the legality visit to the Staathuis.  We ate in the plaza and then went contacting for 20-30 minutes.

 Elder Burton's group gets the last minute instruction--and then off they go!

 President and Sister Robinson, Sister Anderson, Sister Western, Sister Schwab, Sister Nelson, Elder Enslow, Sister Rosenlof, Elder Corsini, Elder Denny, Sister Morris, Elder Nielsen, Sister Spencer, Sister Hoff, Sister Elting, Sister Aldous, Sister Aston

 Yes, you are in the Netherlands--land of the Windmills!

 After a nap and dinner, we had a short training and testimony meeting.  Then each missionary opened their 'first call' letters.  This tells them where they will first serve and with whom they will serve.

 Elder Nielsen will serve in Kortrijk with Elder Maughan

 Yep!  All smiles!

 Elder Denny will serve in Hengelo with Elder Praag!

 Sister Rosenlof will serve in Leeuwarden with Sister Gallego and Sister Davies!

 Sister Hoff will serve in Breda with Sister Nielsen

 Sister Elting will serve in Dordrecht with Sister Anjewierden and Sister Townsend

 Sister Spencer will serve in Amsterdam with Sister Larson and Sister Hinchcliff

 Sister Western will serve in Lelystad with Sister Raun

 Sister Schwab will serve in Groningen with Sister Hudson

 Sister Aston will serve in Haarlem with Sister Wood

 Sister Aldous will serve in Heerlen with Sister Stevens

 Elder Enslow will serve in Delft with Elder Kunz

 Elder Corsini will serve in Den Bosch with Elder McDaniel

 Sister Nelson will serve in Den Haag with Sister Juchau and Sister Meier

Sister Morris will serve in Gent with Sister Djoukeng

 Sister Anderson will serve in Gouda with Sister Omozopkia

 This is one happy, tired, and excited group of missionaries.  Tomorrow they will met their new trainers and companions.

 The next morning the AP's, Elder Burton and Elder Li do trainings with the new missionaries to help them understand what we are doing in our mission.  Helping them get up to speed quickly!

 They are all learning at an accelerated speed.

 Finally, their trainers and companions arrive.  This is the best part.  To watch them meet one another, and instantly become friends.  They will cry, laugh, learn and teach together for the next 6-12 weeks.  Your never forget your first companion and trainer.

 Sister Anderson and Sister Omozopkia

 Elder Enslow and Elder Kunz

 Elder Nielsen and Elder Maughan,  Sister Aldous and Sister Stevens

 Sister Rosenlof with Sister Davies and Sister Galllego

 Sister Larson, Sister Spencer, Sister Hinchcliff

 Sister Elting and Sister Anjewierden

 Elder Burton, Elder Maughan, Elder Nielsen

 Elder Li, AP, President and Sister Jones--leaving for home in two days!

 Sister Hoff and Sister Nielson

 Sister Aston, Sister Townsend, Sister Davies, Sister Rosenlof, Sister Gallego

 Sister Stevens and Sister Aldous

 Sister Hoff and Sister Nielson
 Sister Stevens and Sister Aldous

 Elder Praag and Elder Denny

 Sister Gallego andSister Rosenlof

 Sister Schwab and Sister Hudson

 Sister Juchau, Sister Nelson, Sister Meier

 Sister Raun, Sister Western

 Sister Larson and Sister Spencer

 Elder McDaniel and Elder Corsini

 Sister Wood and Sister Aston

 After the training, we had lunch and then---they grabbed their luggage and off they went to train station and their new are of labor.  The Mission officially begins.

 Fun and Excitement for all!

 What a great companionship!

 These two Elders will bless each others lives!

 The missionaries love any time they get together, but with new missionaries it is the best!

 These are good Sisters--The Lord has sent us the best of the best!

 We look forward to getting to know the new sisters.  It is exciting to be getting so many new missionaries.

 Sister Meier has been in the mission 6 weeks, and Sister Nelson for 1 day.  We are taking on a new look with all the Sisters in our mission.  We have jumped from 14 sisters to 31 sisters.  Is that not just the best thing ever?

 Look at all those Sister Missionaries!

Sister Djoukeng and Sister Morris.  Off to their new assignment to open Gent Belgium for Sisters.  

To each and everyone of you--We love you and you are the best for whom you are serving with and where you are severing.  Only you can do the job that the Lord sent you to do.  You don't go alone.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  
See you at Zone Trainings and Zone Conference!
Tot ziens!

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  1. I am Sister Hill and we are serving at the MTC. We love all these missionaries and it is so fun to see all these pictures!!! Thanks for your service!