Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Temple Zone Conference

The Zone Conferences we hold immediately after General Conference in the Spring and Fall are Temple Zone Conferences.  We attend a session in the Den Haag Tempel and then have something, training or activity, in the afternoon.  

On April 16 and 17, 2013, we held our Temple Zone Conference and went to Keukenhof for the afternoon.  As the mission cannot fit into a session together, we split it between two days.  We have a great group each day.

The Rotterdam Zone and Den Haag Zone
April 16, 2013

Rotterdam Zone and Den Haag Zone
April 16, 2013

After the Temple, we had lunch, heard the Departing Testimonies of the Missionaries going home before our next Zone Conference or Training, and then celebrated all the upcoming Birthdays!

Here are the events for Rotterdam and Den Haag Zone:

First, we started out with the "Moment of Glory" where we give a short shout-out to each Birthday missionary for one minute.  For one minute, everyone shares what we see in that person that has touched our lives and blessed us.
Our Birthdays for April and May are standing in front of the room.  
Happy Birthday!

 After the 'Moment of Glory' for each missionary with an upcoming Birthday, then comes the Dutch Birthday Song:  Elder Christensen lead us all---

 The End--Thanks Elder Christensen!

 Sister Israelsen and Sister Schwab

 Sister Raun and Sister Israelsen

Elder Cockbain is a new missionary and introduces himself to the Mission.  
His testimony is strong and he is committed to the work! 

 Elder Rowley is a new missionary to the mission also.  Welcome.  Elder Rowley is from England.  So we have all had to learn a new language to understand Elder Rowley!  We have a lot of fun with him.  He is a convert to the church of just over four years.  He has a strong and sure knowledge and testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

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