Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sister Djoukeng Arrived

We received notice late Friday, May 2, 2013 that Sister Djoukeng had received Medical Clearance from the MTC and would arrive in the mission on Monday morning, May 5.  So, off to the airport again for another missionary.

We were delighted with Sister Djoukeng.  What a breath of fresh air.  She is so prepared and ready for mission work.  She has a strong testimony, her Dutch language is great, and she is so very willing to get to work.

President and Sister Robinson, Sister Djoukeng

Sister Djoukeng   Yes, you really are here in the Netherlands.

 A beautiful day to arrive in the Mission field.  Warm and sunshine--just for you Sister Djoukeng!

Sister Omozokpia, Sister Gallego, Sister Djoukeng
Sister Omozokpia and Sister Djoukeng will be companions and will serve in Gouda.

 Elder Burton and Elder Li join in the celebration

 Sister Djoukeng and President Robinson

After lunch we got the legal, financial orientation done and President finished with the interview.  We loaded up the two Sisters and off to Gouda.  Sister O was told to get Sister Djoukeng a 2 hour nap when they arrived back at the apartment.  Sister Djoukeng, welcome to the mission.  We are so very glad you finally got here.  You are going to be an outstanding missionary!

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