Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goodbye to Senior Couple

On November 7, 2012 we had a 'farewell' dinner for one of our favorite and valuable Senior Couples--Elder and Sister van Komens.  They served so faithfully and humbly in Groningen in the Apledoorn Zone.  Thank you for your love, testimony and Christlike example of service.  We love and miss you.

As a wonderful 'goodbye', all the Senior Couples  met in the Mission Home for a our dinner.  Thanks to everyone for your help and support.

 The Senior Couples love getting together.

 L to R.  Elder and Sister Woodhouse, Elder van Komen, Sister van Komen, their son who came to join them for a few weeks after he was released from his mission.  

 Sister DeLeeuw, Sister Lyons, Elder Lyons

Sister and Elder Lyons, Elder DeLeeuw

 L to R:  Elder Everton, Sister Everton, Elder Kruizinga, Sister Kruizinga, Sister Pankratz, Elder Pankratz, Elder Anjewierden, and President Robinson (back to the camera)

Sister Anjewierden, Elder Anjewierden, President Robinson

Elder van Komen, Sister van Komen, Sister Robinson, President Robinson
after a wonderful evening with the Senior Couples.

At the Airport--it is always a bittersweet.
Elder and Sister van Komen, President and Sister Robinson

We love and miss you.  Thank you so very much for your service in the mission, but most important, thank you for your love of the Gospel, the Savior, and the missionaries, members and investigators whose lives you have touched and changed eternally.

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  1. Elder and Sister van Komen were amazing! I had so much fun when i was on the camp as an investigator and learned so much from them! Ze waren zo lief!