Friday, October 26, 2012

Yet Another Goodbye

On October 24 and 25, 2012, it was extremely difficult to say goodbye to so many of our great missionaries. In just four short months, we have grown to love these missionaries and have valued our time serving with them.  They are outstanding.  They will all be very blessed for the job they have done while serving the Lord in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  We are expecting great things from them!

Elder Benson, Elder Brown, Elder Ellis, Sister Tanner, Elder Davies
Elder Jones, Elder Klippel, Elder Andrews

With many helping hands, dinner was served and enjoyed.  Then I was politely removed from dish duty by Elder Jones and Elder Davies.  Again, many hands made clean up fun!

Thanks Elder Jones and Elder Davies

Afterward, we had a wonderful spiritual evening of testimonies and goodbyes.

 Elder Benson, Elder Brown, Elder Ellis, Sister Tanner, Elder Davies, Elder Jones,
Elder Klippel, Elder Andrews, Sister Robinson, President Robinson

Then someone got ahold of my iPad!?!?!?!  Wonder who?  

Elder Brown, Elder Ellis, Elder Davies, Elder Jones

 Elder Brown, Elder Ellis, Elder Davis

 What it looks like behind the scene.  
Elder Schulte, Sister Robinson, President Robinson

It was an early morning departure from the mission home.  We left at 6:00 am to get to the airport in time.  After their last train ride from Leiden to Schipol, we started the process of getting them on their way home!

President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Elder Davies, Elder Ellis, Elder Brown, Sister Tanner, Elder Andrews, Elder Jones

 By the time we got to Airport Security, we had Elder Klippel with his parents and Elder Benson with his parents.

Tot ziens!  God be with you 'til we meet again!

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