Tuesday, February 3, 2015

For Every New Missionary Received--We Send A Missionary Home

For every new missionary we receive in the mission, we must send another missionary home. As of December 10, 2014 their service is complete and an honorable lease is waiting for them.  They are excited, but unsure of the future.  All they have known for 18 months or 2 years is Mission Work.  Now, they are going home to excited parents, family and friends.  This is also a time to make plans for a life 'after the mission'.  For many missionaries, their whole life has been focused and planned around their mission.  Now to see past the completion of that lifetime goal is unsettling, unnerving, and scary.  These missionaries will do great.  They have leaned how to do hard things and overcome any and all obstacles.  We love you and will miss you dearly.  

 Sister Brophy, Sister Kohlert, Sister Watkins

 Sister Otteson, Sister Brohpy, Sister Kohlert

 Front Row L to R:  Sister Johnson, Sister Clement, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Sister Frandsen, Sister Otteson
Back Row L to R:  Sister Watkins, Sister Taylor, Sister Kohlert, Sister Thorley, Sister Heilner, Sister Woodbury, Sister Brophy, Elder Giles, Elder Kemp, Elder Cooper, Elder Wiscombe, Elder Endicott, Elder Bishop

 And then the silly and…..

……. the highly unusual!!!

 Sister Woodbury with her parents.

 Elder Endicott with his parents

 Sister Taylor with her parents

 Sister Thorley with her parents

 President Robinson, Sister Thorley, Sister Robinson
 It's been a great evening…hard to think that tomorrow they will be gone.

 Last minute pictures and hugs.

 Sister Thorley with her dad.

 Brother and Sister Woodbury

 Elder Wiscombe and Elder Kemp

 Elder Kemp is on his way to his room with key in …….hand?

 Sister Frandsen

 Brother Woodbury, Sister Otteson and Sister Watkins 

Elder Alston and Elder Bourne (AP's)  and Sister Heilner

 Elder Alston, Elder Bourne, Sister Heilner

 Sister Taylor with her parents

 Sister Kohlert talking with the Thorley's

 Visiting with the Endicott's

 Seems as if no one wants to leave…just need more time to be together.

 Sister Brophey and Sister Kohlert
Ever since Capella aan de IJssal days, you can't keep them apart!

Early the next morning at Leiden Centraal

 Last time waiting for a train as a missionary.

 Still all smiles!

 Well, for most of us anyway!

 Elder Cooper and Elder Giles

 Sister Clement and Sister Kohlert

 Finally at the airport.

 One last picture of the Sisters.

 Elder Bishop

 Elder Kemp, you keep showing up.  Now with Elder Bishop.

 Elder Giles and Elder Cooper

 Elder Bourne, Elder Bishop and assorted missionaries

 Sister Brophy, Sister Frandsen, Sister Heilner

 Sister Johnson, Sister Watkins, Sister Otteson

 Sister Clement, Sister Kohlert, Sister Johnson

 Sister Frandsen and Sister Heilner

 The group at the Airport
Elder Wiscombe, Elder Bishop, Sister Johnson, Elder Giles, Sister Clement, Sister Kohlert, Sister Otteson, Sister Brophey, Elder Cooper, Sister Frandsen, Elder Kemp, Sister Watkins, Sister Robinson, Sister Heilner and President Robinson
 Goodbyes and hugs

 It is hard to believe they will soon be gone.

 Goodbye to good friends.

 We have all work so long together, it feels strange to be letting them go.

 Thanks for all you have done.

 At last, a hug from the President

 Worked hard to earn that hug.

 So happy for every one of those missionaries.
They crossed the finish line.

 They are family.

 Go home and do great things there.

 Love you all.

 It is rewarding to see them succeed.

 Love them like sons and daughters.

 Sisters, he will miss you dearly when he opens the transfer board and you will not be there.  We have counted on you for so many things.  Thank you.

 My heart is full--happy and sad.

 Keep doing great things.

 If you can get Sister Hudson and Elder Bishop to sing---Elder Cooper, you can do anything you desire to do.

 President has a soft spot for Sisters--never could tell you no.

 Isn't that just like a 'dad'?

 I am so very happy for the 'missionary shine' that these missionaries have acquired the past years.

 Love you Elder Giles.

 Through the hard, the really hard and the impossible--you do make it to the end of a mission.  Then you begin to understand what the Lord had in mind all along.

 Even when the Lord lets you be silly. (Isn't there something in the white handbook about this?)

 Love runs deep for those you have served and those who serve you.

 Great lessons learned.

 Missions are life changers.

 Two good men.

 Elder Cooper and President Robinson

 I will miss these hugs from these Sisters.

What a great example these missionary are for President and I.

 They have made us better people.

 I is wonderful to see them so happy….

 …and beginning the next chapter in life's book.

 Remember, you have done hard things and stayed on top!

 An exciting new life is waiting.

 The Lord will make this next chapter as great as this chapter.

 As President says, "Whatever you do, make it big."

 But remember to keep close to the Lord.

 You will remember your mission----every day…...

 …and it will bless your life every day.

 So get to it and make it big.

We said goodbye to our group and went down to the gate and met Elder Bishops family who had just flown in from Utah.

 Brother Bishop, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Bishop, Sister Bishop, and Elder Bishop's brother and sister.  It was a pleasure to met you all.

Well, another transfer has come and gone.  New missionaries starting their grand adventure and other missionaries going home exhausted because they have left everything here on the 'playing field' called the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  God bless until we meet again.

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