Tuesday, February 3, 2015

December's Transfer of New Missionaries

On December 9, 2014 we excitedly welcomed twenty new missionaries from the MTC in Provo to the mission.  They have such energy and enthusiasm to 'finally' be in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  We are so happy to have them and the members here in the mission are excited to have them serving.

They are here!!!

 Sister Kimmons, Sister Begazo, Sister Young, Sister Karlson, Sister Dobler, Sister Huber, Sister Hopkins, Sister Goodman, Sister Fassavalu, Sister Jones, Sister Castro, Sister Hanny, Elder Harrop, Elder Jones, Elder Crowson, Elder Clukey, Elder Byers, Elder Gross, Elder Hosea, Elder Harp, Sister Robinson, President Robinson 

 It is all excitement and no 'jet lag' yet.

 Down to the 'trein spoor' to catch the next train to Leiden Centraal

 Soon the trains will be just another every day occurrence.

 But today it is an adventure in the mission.

  They will become more familiar with the train stations in the Netherlands and Belgium than they are with the freeways back home.

 All in the life of a missionary.

 With this many new missionaries, people are taking notice of something special.

 Catch the train and we are on our way.

After a morning of getting all the paperwork done to be in the country legally, a little contacting, a nap and a wonderful dinner and fireside, we are ready to open the 'first call' letters that will tell them were they are serving and who will be their trainer and companion for the coming transfer.

 Sister Jones will be serving in Lokeren, Belgium with Sister Mashburn as trainer and companion. 

 Sister Faasavalu will be serving in Zoetermeer with Sister Thomas as trainer and companion.

 Elder Hosea will be serving in Rotterdam with Elder Connatti as trainer and companion.

 Elder Harp will be serving in Rotterdam with Elder South as trainer and companion.

 Sister Goodman will be serving in IJmuiden (Haarlem Ward) with Sister Johanson as trainer and companion.

 Sister Hopkins will be serving in Groeningen with Sister Bradley as trainer and companion.

Sister Karlson will be serving in Amsterdam with Sister Watts as trainer and companion.

 Sister Hanny will be serving in Utrecht with Sister Maughan as trainer and companion.

 Elder Gross will be serving in Tilburg with Elder Bean as trainer and companion.

 Elder Byers will be serving in Ommoord (Gouda Ward) with Elder Clement as trainer and companion.

 Elder Clukey will be serving in Deventer with Elder Moomey as trainer and companion.

 Elder Haroop will be serving in Amsterdam with Elder Besendorfer as trainer and companion.

 Elder Jones will be serving in Vlissingen with Elder Davis as trainer and companion.

 Elder Crowson will be serving in Den Helder with Elder Price as trainer and companion.

 Sister Castro will be serving in Turnhout with Sister Riley as trainer and companion.

 Sister Dobler will be serving in Assen with Sister Voss as trainer and companion.

 Sister Young will be serving in Antwerpen with Sister Jones as trainer and companion.

 Sister Begazo will be serving in Lelystad with Sister Adams as trainer and companion.

 Sister Huber will be serving in Den Haag with Sister Fredrickson as trainer and companion.

 Sister Kimmons will be serving in Apeldoorn with Sister Verdegem as trainer and companion.

Bright and early the next morning the Assistant's held a training with the new missionaries.  As zoo as that training was over, we opened the doors and in came the new trainers to meet their new companions.

 For many of these missionaries, it is instant friendship.

 They may be strangers, but we are all fellow citizens in the kingdom of God.   We all have a testimony of God, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  

 It is inspiring to watch this all happen.

 New companions--new friends.

 Sister Adams and Sister Begazo

 Sister Young and Sister Jones

Sister Jones and Sister Mashburn

Sister Thomas and Sister Faasavalu

Sister Voss and Sister Dobler

Sister Young and Sister Jones

Sister Adams and Sister Begazo

Sister Fredrickson and Sister Huber

Sister Kimmons and Sister Verdegem

Sister Goodman and Sister Johanson

Sister Bradley and Sister Hopkins

Sister Maughan and Sister Hanny

Elder Price and Elder Crowson

Elder Byers and Elder Clement

Elder Harrop and Elder Besendorfer

Elder Gross and Elder Bean

Elder Moomey and Elder Clukey

Sister Watts and Sister Karlson

Elder Connati and Elder Hosea

Elder Jones and Elder Davis

Elder South and Elder Harp

Elder Matos and Elder Blackhurst

We finished up our morning of training with another trip to the Stathuis to sign into the country and then they are off to their new assignments and new cities.  By tonight, they will be in the homes of the Dutch and Belgium people for dinner appointments or teaching appointments.  The Mission now begins.  Like President and I share with them--You have not come to the mission to have the Lord walk and work with you, you have come to the mission to walk with the Lord and work with Him.  He was here before you arrived, now you join Him and serve as He would have your serve.

Welcome to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

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