Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Serving with the Sister Missionaries

Because President spends all day on Monday in the Mission Office going over reports and financials with the AP's and Office Elders, I have the opportunity to go on splits with the three Sister Missionaries in Den Haag.  Monday, July 16, was my first day as a door knocking, teaching missionary!  It was great!

 Sister Davies, in the yellow sweater, and I did some follow up's and ended up doing the 2-2-5.  When the person we originally went to see is not living there any longer, or in not interested, we then knock on 2 doors on either side of that address, and then 5 doors across the street. 

We went to visit a lady that Sister Davies had contacted a few days before.  She was happy to see us and we made an appointment to come and teach her the first lesson next Monday.  

We later met with Rafael and taught him the lesson on the Restoration.  Very interesting teaching.  As a missionary, you are always praying for the missionary that is teaching and praying for the investigator.  As I was praying I found it remarkable that the answers to Rafael's questions just came to mind.  It was so easy to bear testimony.  Sister Davies did a great job.

 Sister Gardener (in the white shirt) and I went visiting a member and shared a message with her from the Liahona Conference Issue.  That was pure Dutch.  I am getting better at understanding what is being said.  I still can't join in the conversation, but I do make the effort to contribute.  I was able to say the closing prayer in Dutch with Sister Gardener and Sister Bleker.  Thanks for a real treat.

 Sister Larsen, (in the red sweater) and I went to teach the first lesson on the Restoration, but when we arrived, no one answered.  The same story every missionary will tell you.  It happens to all of us.  We'll call back.

These sisters are BEAUTIFUL.  The served the Lord on a very cold and rainy day enthusiasm, their spirits were not dampened.  The pictures were taken at 9:00 pm after a very long day and look at those smiles.  What is impressive about missionaries--they will get up at 6:30 am in the morning and do it all again for the Lord.  If you thanked them for it, they would reply, 
"Graag gedaan".

We went to the Den Haag church during our lunch, we found the some of the Zone Elders on PDay.  They were finishing up a service project after a fast and furious game of indoor soccer.  Heel Goed, Elders!!
Elder Thueson , Elder Hansen, Elder, Van Komen, Elder Maughan, Elder Bickham, Elder Mohrmon, Elder Wait. 

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