Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Missionaries

On May 13, 2014 we were to met two new missionaries coming in from the MTC. However, Sister Riley and Elder Melligan had an eventful journey from the MTC and never arrived on May 13, 2014. Their original flight took them to Dallas Fort Worth, where they were to have a lay over before boarding the international flight to Amsterdam.  On the first leg of their journey, there were severe storms which forced them the land in Amarillo,Texas.  The mission in Dallas Fort Worth was contacted and the Mission President there arranged to have Sister Riley and Elder Melligan picked up in Amarillo and brought to the mission home in Dallas Fort Worth mission.  They stayed in the mission home in Dallas Fort Worth mission Monday night.  The next morning Sister Riley and Elder Melligan were booked on a flight to Amsterdam. They finally arrived one day later, on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

We were never so glad to see two 'lost' missionaries that had been 'found'!

 Sister Riley, Sister Robinson, President Robinson and Elder Melligan

Because of the day delay and the schedule of transfers, their new companions and trainers came with us to the airport.

 Sister Meier, Sister Riley, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Melligan, Elder Elkins

Sister Meier and Sister Riley will serve in Groningen and Elder Melligan and Elder Elkins will serve in Rotterdam South

 Waiting for the train from Schipol to Leiden Centraal.

Elder Elkins, Elder Sumter, Elder Eastmond, Elder Melligan

Back to the Mission Office to do all the paper work and then over to Oude Leiden for pannenkoeken.

 Welcome to the land of Windmills Sister Riley

 Welcome to a unique and quant corner of the Lord's Vineyard Elder Melligan

 Lunch with Elder Bonnie, Elder Eastmond, Elder Lind, Elder Evans, Elder Cockbain, Elder Lyman, Elder Milligan, Elder Thom, Sister Meier and Sister Riley

 Great lunch for everyone!

Elder Lyman and Elder Melligan

Welcome to the mission and the opportunity to serve the Lord in these two wonderful countries.

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