Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zone Training January 2013

In January we held Zone Training.  Zone Training is different from Zone Conference.  Zone Conference is held once a quarter and the training is done by President and I.  Zone Training is held twice a quarter and the training is done by the Zone Leaders under the direction of President Robinson.  
All Zone Trainings are held on the same day, so President and I are only able to attend one Zone Training a month.  In January we attended Apeldoorn Zone Training.  Elder Wang and Elder Maughan, the Zone Leaders, did an outstanding job.  Thank you Elders and missionaries from the Apeldoorn Zone.

 Elder Eastmond and Elder Merrill
 Elder Eastmond and a happier Elder Merrill
 Elder Van Koman and Elder Maughan
 Elder Larson, Elder Harvey, Elder Hendrickson
 Elder Stoddard and Elder Endicott
 Elder Pope and Elder Wayman
 Elder Wang and Elder Maughan
 Elder Davis and Elder Alfaro
 Elder and Sister Spek  (We love our Senior Couples)
 Elder and Sister Anjewierden  (We really love our Senior Couples)
 Elder Hendrickson and Elder Douglas
 Elder Van Koman and Elder Nelson
 Elder Harvey and Elder Larson
 Elder Thueson and Elder Pitts
 Elder Goethals and Elder Van De Graaff

Sister Robinson, Sister Peters, and President Robinson

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